Custom healthy fruit apple hard enamel pins

Custom healthy fruit apple hard enamel pins

Wear Apple hard enamel pins, regardless of adults and children, can be worn at will. Apple is a kind of apple plant belonging to Apple subfamily of Rosaceae, whose trees are deciduous trees. Apple has high nutritional value, rich in minerals and vitamins, rich in calcium, which helps to metabolize excess salt in the body. Malic acid can metabolize calories. Apple is a low calorie food, producing about 60 kcal of calories per 100 grams. Apple nutrients are soluble and easy to be absorbed by human body, so it is called “living water”. Apple is also called Ping’an fruit, wisdom fruit and extraordinary fruit. It is good for dissolving sulfur and making skin smooth and tender.

The history of apple

Apple originated in central and Southeast Europe, Central Asia, West Asia and Xinjiang of China. In Europe in 300 BC, M.P. Cato had recorded the varieties of apples. Later, the Romans began to cultivate and graft. In the 18th century, J.B. Montessori and T.A. have used natural hybridization for seedling selection and gradually popularized cultivation. After the discovery of the new continent of America, European immigrants introduced apples into America and cultivated many new varieties in America. In the Meiji Restoration era, Japan introduced apple from Europe and America. Since then, Apple has been introduced into Oceania and Africa. In the past hundred years, apple cultivation has been established in five continents of the world. The earliest Europeans had eaten, improved and bred apples. Some varieties were found more than 2000 years ago. Before colonizing America, hundreds of varieties were known in Europe. With the wave of immigration in North America, the shape of Apple pins also spread everywhere, becoming the wear of the local legend’s tour Messenger, playing a major role in the spread of apple, so Apple hard enamel pins also had the earliest appearance.

Main categories of apple

There are hundreds of apple varieties, which are divided into three categories: wine varieties, cooking varieties and fresh food varieties. The size, color, aroma, smoothness, brittleness and flavor of the three varieties were different. Many varieties have high sugar content, medium acidity and low tannin content. In addition to raw apple, there are many cooking methods, often used as pastry filling, apple pie may be the first American dessert. Fried apples are often eaten with sausages, pork chops and other dishes, especially in Europe. The latest taxonomic evidence shows that there are no more than 38 species of Malus. It seems that it is not difficult to find out a “Genealogy”, but each species seems to have something in common with the apples we eat, and each species can provide some fruits, just like the hard enamel pins made by our company.

Would you like a healthy apple Enamel Pins

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