Custom hard tooth soft Enamel Pins

Custom hard tooth soft Enamel Pins

Are these colorful soft enamel pins beautiful. Tooth is a kind of structure existing in many animals, human, amphibian, reptile, bird and higher mammal chew food organ. Teeth are the hardest organ of human body. Generally speaking, the teeth are white, the normal people are slightly yellow, and the texture is hard. The various shapes of teeth are suitable for a variety of purposes, including tearing and grinding food. Teeth are the natural defense weapons of animals. The pronunciation of human language is closely related to the upper and lower teeth and incisors in the front row of the mouth. The neatness of teeth is even related to social activities and status.

The evolution of teeth

There is evidence that the teeth of humans and other higher vertebrates originated from the scales of the ancestors of ancient fish, which can be confirmed by the existing soft enamel pins for shark teeth. In fact, shark’s teeth are specialized scales. The scales and teeth are homologous organs with the same structure: enamel and dentin, and medullary cavity. There are also nerves and blood vessels in the medullary cavity. The important watershed between mammals and their reptilian ancestors is not viviparity, nor milk secretion, but the differentiation of teeth and the emergence of double dentition. The so-called double dentition is that there are only two sets of teeth in an animal’s life, that is, we usually call the deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. And reptiles can change their teeth all their lives. Due to the differentiation of teeth, the chewing surface of upper and lower teeth must be perfectly closed together during chewing. If the animals change teeth continuously throughout their lives, it is possible to break the closure and affect the chewing function.

The function of human and animal teeth

Teeth can not only chew food and help pronunciation, but also have a great influence on the beauty of face. Because of the support of teeth and alveolar bone, the normal shape of dental arch and occlusal relationship, people’s face and lips and cheeks will appear plump. And when people talk and smile, neat and white teeth can show people’s health and beauty. On the contrary, if the development of dental arch is abnormal, the arrangement of teeth is disordered and uneven, the face will appear uncoordinated. If the teeth are missing too much, the lips and cheeks will lose support and sag, which will make people’s face appear old and emaciated. Therefore, people often regard teeth as one of the important signs of bodybuilding. The earliest fossilized teeth have been made into soft enamel pins for rent collection in the museum.

How can you get a soft enamel pins?

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