Custom hard enamel pins with flowers and birds competing

Custom hard enamel pins with flowers and birds competing

The gorgeous branches of flowers and birds, this is our company’s new, fashionable and exquisite hard enamel pins, three-dimensional full of flowers and bright and flexible birds, constitute a flow of beautiful flowers and birds. Among the branches and flowers, birds are attracted to compete with the flowers. Beautiful flowers and birds compete for beautiful hard enamel pins, which can let you feel that the birds fly up and down to suck nectar, or turn the golden hook upside down, or flutter their wings to hover. This kind of birds, whose mouth is slender and bent down, and their tongue is tubular, is specially used to suck nectar, so it is also called hummingbird.

Origin of hummingbird hard enamel pins

The origin of the hummingbird’s name comes from the fact that its wings vibrate and hum like bees when flying. It is small in size, scaly in body, bright in color, and shining with rainbow or metal luster. Males are more colorful. Its mouth is slender and straight, some of which are bent down, some of which are bent up. Its tongue is flexible and flexible. Its wings are narrow and long. Its tail is pointed, fork shaped or racket shaped. Its feet are short, and its toes are small and weak. When hummingbird is flying, its wings are flapping rapidly, fast, powerful and lasting. Good at hovering in the flowers and sometimes flying backwards. Like other birds, hummingbirds do not have a developed olfactory system, but mainly rely on vision. The food of hummingbird comes from nectar, the rest is arthropod, their thin and long beak is very suitable for absorbing nectar. Do you think our flowers and birds’ hard enamel pins are exquisite and unique in workmanship.

Species history of hummingbird

Because of the modern hummingbird, many of them live in America. The size of hummingbird is too small to be preserved as a fossil. Its evolutionary history is still a mystery. Most hummingbirds live in central and South America, where the fossils of hummingbirds from one million years ago have been found. Therefore, scientists believe that hummingbirds originated from Pleistocene. However, scientists in southern Germany have found the oldest hummingbird fossil in the world, which has a history of more than 30 million years. It can be seen that the ancestors of hummingbirds have appeared since Oligocene. It is estimated that the common ancestor of all recent modern hummingbirds, 22.4 million years ago, lived in some parts of South America. This is a fairly recent family of this modern bird, especially many living bird species. It is revealed that these birds have experienced diversified breeding at a very fast speed after arriving in South America. In this way, we have made a combination of hummingbirds and flowers with hard enamel pins.

Come to our company to customize the flowers and birds for the hard enamel pins

If you like the unique flowers and birds hard enamel, it will definitely bring you the best benefits. Please come to our company, and we will design a pattern that will help your life. Use these hard enamel pins to show your personality. They can bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, you can also customize our company, other hard Enamel Lapel Pins, the price is very preferential. All kinds of our hard enamel lapel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order quantity. We will bring you the best, successful men’s hard enamel pins design.