Custom hard enamel pins in various suit shapes

Custom hard enamel pins in various suit shapes

Clothing refers to the cloth used by human beings to cover the body and carrier, such as cotton, silk, velvet, chemical fiber, polyester, hemp and other materials. Clothes and hard enamel pins for suits are worn differently in different occasions. There are many styles. Clothes have become an indispensable thing in today’s world. China often says that “food, clothing, housing and transportation” ranks first. Suits are also called “suits” and “dresses”. The suit is a kind of “foreign culture”. In China, people call the coat with lapel and lapel, three pockets and under the hip line “suit”, which is obviously the Chinese people’s appellation for the Western clothing.

Basic meaning of suit

Suit refers to western style clothing in a broad sense, which is European style clothing relative to “Chinese style clothing”. In a narrow sense, it refers to western style upper garment or western style suit. Suit is usually a company employees, government employees, in more formal occasions men’s clothing is a first choice. The reason why the suit is prosperous is that it has profound cultural connotation. The mainstream suit culture is often labeled as “cultured, educated, gentlemanly and authoritative”. Suits have always been the darling of the men’s clothing Kingdom, and “suits and suits” are often used to describe gentry and handsome men with good manners. The main features of the suit are crisp appearance, smooth lines and comfortable wearing. If you wear a tie, it looks more elegant and simple. In addition, in the increasingly open modern society, as a kind of clothing style, the suit hard enamel pins has also entered the ranks of women’s clothing, reflecting the same independence and self-confidence of women and men, and also known as women’s changing coat.

Division of suit types

At the beginning of the 20th century, suits made up of coats and skirts became the daily clothes of Western women, suitable for work and daily wear. Women’s suits are softer and more tailored than men’s suits to highlight the often curvy posture of women’s bodies. Women’s suits with trousers began to appear in the 1960s, but the process of being accepted as work clothes was slow. With the development of the times and the opening of the society, the skirt of suit also has the trend of short development. In the 1990s, miniskirts became popular again, and the length of suits and miniskirts was affected, depending on local customs and circumstances. According to the gender and age of the wearer, suits can be divided into three categories: Men’s suits, women’s suits and children’s suits. Modern Western men’s suits for business occasions have a long and thick black coat. If you wear a suit, it’s a very fashionable decoration to wear a beautiful hard enamel pins.

How to get a hard enamel pins for a suit?

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