Custom happiness ginkgo leaf soft Enamel Pins

Custom happiness ginkgo leaf soft Enamel Pins

Happy autumn comes, put on a colorful, ginkgo leaf soft enamel pins, the pins is unique. Ginkgo biloba leaves contain a large number of Ginkgo flavonoids, Ginkgo biloba bitter lipid and other extracts, which have magical effects on human health. In 1965, w. sehwabe, a German scientist, first found that Ginkgo biloba leaves contain cholesterol lowering ingredients, and then formed a worldwide upsurge in the pharmacology and application of Ginkgo biloba leaves. Since the 1980s, foreign scholars have found its therapeutic effects in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, anti-aging, anti-cancer, beauty and skin care, etc., and have successively applied for a large number of patents, and put dozens of Ginkgo biloba preparations on the market. The Washington Post recorded in February 22, 1998, “Ginkgo biloba extract can be used in Chinese medicine to treat asthma and allergy Reaction, at least 5000 years of history, “Ginkgo biloba leaf medicinal value of discovery, so that the world is now jaw dropping, amazing.

Drug action of Ginkgo biloba leaves

Ginkgo biloba is a kind of plant with high medicinal value. Ginkgo biloba is an ancient tree species in China. It is a magical tree of medical treatment. When the Jurassic dinosaurs controlled the earth more than 250 million years ago, Ginkgo biloba was one of the most prosperous plants. After hundreds of billions of years of changes in the life of the earth, especially after the glacial cover in the fourth century, only Ginkgo biloba still keeps its original appearance, which is called “living fossil” in the history of bio chemistry. Its leaves, fruits and seeds have high medicinal value, its pharmacological effect is constantly recognized, and its clinical application scope is gradually expanded. Ginkgo biloba leaves contain an ingredient that can improve the blood circulation of the human body, so as to reduce the incidence of “economy class syndrome”, also known as deep vein thrombosis , among passengers travelling by air for a long time. Wearing ginkgo leaves soft enamel pins also has many functions of healing body and mind.

The reason why ginkgo leaves turn yellow

A ginkgo leaf soft enamel pins on the chest is an experience for a happy person. The color of Ginkgo leaves is light green at first. It is different from the ash leaves. It is composed of leaves and petioles. There is a big wave at the top of its leaves. It looks like a fan as a whole. Ginkgo leaves sprout every spring. In summer, the leaves will look like little fans. In autumn, the leaves will gradually wither down like the mountain ash leaves. When the breeze blows, they are chasing and playing with each other like a lovely butterfly. This kind of scene is really intoxicating. In winter, the leaves that fall on the ground will be covered with dust. The leaves are fan-shaped and light green. There are a few ginkgo leaves hanging on the branches. Most of them fall to the ground. And the broad oak leaves on the tree surface are very beautiful, falling down very spectacular, ginkgo leaves are happy people.

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