Custom hairy rabbit soft Enamel Pins

Custom hairy rabbit soft Enamel Pins

Little rabbit is gentle and lovely. It’s a very popular little animal. Hairy rabbit soft enamel pins is a kind of clothing accessories. Rabbit is the general name of all the genera belonging to the family Lagomorpha of mammals. Is a biological classification of animals, chordates, vertebrates, the subclass of the mammalia Lagomorpha. The rabbit has a long tubular ear, which is several times longer than the width of the ear, a short cluster tail, and a much longer strong hind leg than the forelegs. There are 9 genera and 43 species. In East Asia, South Asia, Africa and North America, there are the most species, a few species are distributed in Europe and South America, some species are widely distributed or introduced into many regions, but many species are very limited. Terrestrial, often living in desert, desertification grassland, tropical sparse forest, dry grassland and forest or forest.

Shape characteristics of rabbit

According to the body type, it can be divided into large rabbit, medium rabbit and small rabbit. The weight of large rabbit is about 5-8KG, and that of small rabbit is about 2kg. Generally speaking, the body of a rabbit can be divided into four parts: head and neck, trunk, limbs and tail. Body surface: it is covered with hair and has the function of heat preservation. Hair color: mostly white. The rabbit’s teeth are good for cutting food. Molars are good for grinding food. The rabbit’s tail is short and fluffy, and it will clump up like a ball. It’s very cute. Movement mode: jump, the rabbit’s forelimb is shorter than the hind, which is advantageous to jump. The rabbit’s eyeball is round with a single eye angle of view of 180 °. The color of rabbit’s eyes is different with different breeds and hair colors. The rabbit’s eyes are red, blue, black, gray and other colors. Some rabbits have different colors for their left and right eyes. Because the rabbit is a nocturnal animal, its eyes can focus a lot of light, even in low light. You must like our lovely rabbit soft Enamel Pins very much.

The living habits of hairy rabbits

Rabbit is a kind of timid animal. All of a sudden, the noise, strangers and strange animals, such as cats and dogs, will make it panic. In the breeding management, try to avoid the noise that causes rabbit panic. At the same time, strangers, cats and dogs should be forbidden to enter the rabbit house. The rabbit’s hearing is sharp and its smell is sensitive, but it is timid, scared and good at running. Rabbits like to eat grass. Generally, domestic rabbits should pay attention to the provision of food, because young rabbits do not feel full. Vegetables are not recommended for young rabbits to eat, easy to get enteritis, after adulthood can be properly provided. When the rabbit is very happy, it will jump in place and turn back slightly in the middle of the sky. Sometimes the rabbit will swing his head while jumping. When they jump, it’s like dancing. Especially the mini rabbit, they prefer to use jumping to express their feelings of happiness and enjoyment. Wearing a rabbit soft enamel pins, you will also be very happy.

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