Custom green leaf hard enamel pins

Custom green leaf hard enamel pins

Beautiful spring is full of vitality. Green leaves and hard enamel pins bring you the news of spring. Spring, one of the four seasons. Spring represents warmth and growth. In spring, the Qi of yin and Yang begins to change, and all things grow with the rising of Yang. The Earth presents the image of spring and Jingming. In the sense of solar terms, the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring, between February 2 and 5 of each year, that is, spring begins, and the end of spring is between May 5 and 7 of each year. In Europe and America, spring starts from the equinox in China and ends at the summer solstice. In Ireland, February to April is designated as spring. No winter will not pass, no spring will not come.

Seasonal climate in spring

In spring, the northern hemisphere of the earth begins to incline to the sun, which is exposed to more and more direct sunlight, so the temperature begins to rise. In spring, plants begin to sprout and grow, and many flowers open. Hibernating animals wake up, many of them hatch, and birds begin to migrate, leaving the wintering ground to the breeding ground. Many animals are in heat during this period of time, so this is the season for all things to recover. Wear the spring green leaves hard enamel pins to feel the gift of nature. The changes of temperature and biology in spring also have influence on people’s psychology and physiology. Spring is the first season of the year. There are many ways to divide the seasons. In daily life, people usually regard the arrival of spring solar term as the beginning of spring, which is defined from the perspective of astronomy. The meteorological department generally divides four seasons according to the solar calendar, and March to May is spring. For farmers, spring is the season for planting crops. This is also the season when “spring rain is more expensive than oil” plays a role. Spring rain also has an impact on crops, which has a great impact on fruits and growth. In the spring, we should clean up the weeds in the field in time, otherwise the weeds will absorb the nutrients of the crops and make them dry and cause the crops to die.

Meteorology and astronomy in spring

As the hot air begins to move northward, while the cold air still lingers. In addition, land, water and air temperature rise at different rates. Spring is the most rainy season in many parts of the earth. There is a famous Huangmei weather in the south of the Yangtze River in China, strong storms in Europe, tornadoes in North America and Gales in the north. The angle between the earth’s equator and its orbit is the fundamental reason for the change of seasons. In spring, the point of direct sunlight moves northward from the Tropic of cancer. After the vernal equinox, it crosses the equator and the sun points directly to the northern hemisphere. In spring, the distance between the earth and the sun increases from near to far. The earth is closest to the sun on or about January 3 every year. Come and have a happy life with the green enamel pins of spring.

How to get spring green leaves hard enamel pins?

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