Custom Green Bamboo Lapel Pins

Bamboo Lapel Pins

Green bamboo lapel pin, listen, the mountain green bamboo. Swaying in the wind, issued a beautiful sound. Like who sounded a huge bamboo flute, playing a deep music, this song slowly flowing out of the bamboo pins.

The wind, gently blowing the bamboo forest, bamboo leaves in a slightly shaking. Really like a long thin piece. The mouth is murmuring. The color of bamboo is only green, but when you wear the bamboo pin on your chest, you can feel its upright, beautiful. He is facing the sun constantly growing, the bamboo pole is long and green, very popular. Bamboo lapel pin bamboo leaves are green and green, and they are indomitable and dare to face the quality of setbacks. In the storm, flowers and grass were blown down by the wind and knocked down by raindrops. However, bamboo stood bravely in the storm, without a trace of fear, so natural. Let us learn to cry when no one cajoled, learn to be strong, fear when no one accompanied, learn to be brave, when bored no one asked. Learn to bear.

No matter what life is, we will not forget to smile and let us be strong bamboo. Bamboo lapel pins are strong for you!

Do your custom design bamboo lapel pins no minimum order from Better Finish Factory. The green bamboo can be soft enamel color or hard enamel color filled.

Not only the pins, we also can make it to be custom patches, coins, medals or clips.

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