Custom gold Cupid love sword soft Enamel Pins

Custom gold Cupid love sword soft Enamel Pins

Cupid soft enamel pins is a beautiful legend. In ancient Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. The goddess in charge of love and beauty is one of the Twelve Gods of Olympus. In Roman mythology, there is also a god of love that we are more familiar with. Venus is also one of the twelve main gods of Rome. According to Roman mythology, she is charming and romantic. Many lovers later gave birth to a little god of love, the Cupid God we often hear. People often have such a question: Aphrodite and Venus, who is the real God of love? In fact, these goddesses are all the same God, but Aphrodite appears in Greek mythology, and Venus appears in Roman mythology, belonging to different systems, called different names, but in fact, Roman mythology basically inherits Greek mythology, and is deeply influenced by Greek mythology.

Cupid’s sword of love

Cupid, the God of love in Greek mythology, was born by Aphrodite and Ares, the God of war. He was in charge of love and marriage with his mother, Eros. It has long been a symbol of love. Like their mother, Eros is a Greek name and Cupid is a Roman name. He has a beautiful blonde hair and a pair of wings that can fly. His weapon is a golden bow, a golden arrow and a silver arrow. Whoever is shot by his golden arrow will have love, even the enemy will become sweet love. On the contrary, when shot by his silver arrow, even the lover will become enemies. In the myth, he shot the golden arrow at Apollo, and the silver arrow at Daphne, the fairy. Then Apollo fell in love with Daphne. Daphne saw Apollo, but she was very painful. In order to avoid the pursuit of Apollo, Daphne became a laurel tree. Many love tragedies in Greek mythology are more or less related to the little god of love. You must like our Cupid sword, these delicate soft enamel pins.

Two kinds of gold Cupid’s sword of love

There are two kinds of soft enamel pins for Cupid’s sword and arrow: one will bring noble love; the other will bring strong desire. The arrow that brings eternal love is made of gold and needs to be carefully sharpened so that it can penetrate the hearts of two lovers and be embedded in them. The lover who is shot by the golden arrow will go through three stages to get eternal love – desire, tolerance and attachment, and deep friendship. It is said that Cupid’s archery is blindfold, so people call love blind. The arrow of little god of love can’t resist no matter God or man. He used to shoot at Apollo with gold arrow and Daphne, the Narcissus fairy, with lead arrow. As a result, Apollo fell in love. Many love stories are based on him. Cupid’s golden arrow once incarnated a small Cupid, named Lupoli, who was the patron saint of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Where can you customize the soft enamel pins of aegis sword

Cupid is the son of Venus and Mars. People think of him as a beautiful young man about to enter youth. The golden bow is his commonly used weapon. The arrow he shoots never deviates. Although the person who is shot will suffer from love, it is a kind of sweet pain. Even Jupiter can’t resist this magical power. Therefore, love is interpreted as the most terrible and powerful natural power. Cupid has always been regarded as the symbol of the most mysterious love. If you like Cupid and make your life more wonderful at the same time, come to our company, you can customize all kinds of soft enamel pins of Aegean sword in different shapes, which will bring you good love. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s, other styles of soft enamel pins, the price is also very preferential. We have the best soft enamel pins design. Don’t miss the delicate soft enamel pins of the sword of Eros.