Custom girl warrior Lapel Pins

Custom girl warrior Lapel Pins

Beautiful girl warrior lapel pins, every girl’s dream. It’s a cartoon made by Dongying animation, which is about magic girl’s transformation. It’s directed by Sato Shunyi, yoshihihihihiko Kihara, and written by Yoshihiro Fukuda and Yoshio Tano. It’s premiered in Japan on March 7, 1992, and produced and released by Dongying animation. The beautiful girl warrior depicts the protagonist, Luna, a black cat with crescent marks on her head, who was accidentally rescued by the hare one day. She has changed her personal fate, obtained a lapel pins, became a Sailor Moon of love and justice, and began to fight against the dark forces.

The story of a beautiful girl’s Lapel Pins

The beautiful and lovely moon hare is an ordinary girl studying in junior high school, but after she met Luna, a cat who can talk, her life has changed dramatically. It turns out that the real identity of the moon hare is the Sailor Moon with magical ability. In order to protect the earth and defeat the ambitions of the dark forces, the beautiful girl turned into a sailor warrior. Through the energy of the beautiful girl warrior turning over the pins, she launched a fierce battle with the evil enemy who invaded the earth.

The success of the beautiful girl Warrior

The success of the beautiful girl warrior is not only the powerful energy of the lapel pins, but also the creation of a new fighting mode. In this animation, women play a leading role, while men are protected and play a supporting role. This innovation that changes the traditional animation style makes many animators bright. Women in animation have changed from weak objects to strong ones to protect others. This new female discourse and perspective changed the myth of new women.

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