Custom ginseng carrot hard enamel pins

Custom ginseng carrot hard enamel pins

Nutritious carrot hard enamel pins with lovely shape and attractive red color. Carrot is also called asparagus, radish, red radish, clove radish, red radish or Gan Xun. It belongs to the annual or biennial herbs of Umbelliferae. Its roots are thick, cone-shaped or cylindrical, fleshy purplish red or yellow, long petioles, three pinnate compound leaves, compound umbels, small flowers are light yellow or white. Originated in Central Asia, it has a history of more than 4000 years. Zhang Qian of the Han Dynasty sent a mission to the western regions to bring carrots back to the mainland, and from then on, he took root in all parts of China and multiplied. It is widely cultivated all over the country. Carrot likes temperature and cold tolerance, and is suitable for growing in sandy soil with thick soil layer. Although it has the taste of wild Artemisia, it has high nutritional value. It can be cooked, eaten raw and cooked in many dishes.

Historical sources of carrots

The carrots, which are famous for their small ginseng, were originally Purple Carrots from Iran. There is also a folk saying that the carrots now are evolved from wild carrots. The taste of wild carrot is not as fresh and sweet as today’s, so wild carrot was not very popular at that time. Because its seeds have fragrance, people just grind their seeds and use them as spices. I believe everyone knows that carrots are very common ingredients for home cooking. Its appearance shows that it belongs to root vegetables. The crisp and delicious carrots are always loved by people because of their rich nutrients. Although carrots have a long history, we know that China is not the origin of carrots as soon as we hear the surname “Hu”. Nowadays, carrots are widely used in China. Carrot hard enamel pins is a cute Lapel Pin with unique shape.

The development of carrot

In ancient people’s mind, carrots were cheap and unimportant food. In many European languages, carrot originally means “root like a horn”. Historically, carrots were really valued during World War II. As we all know, British people love afternoon tea very much. The most important thing in afternoon tea is dessert, which can not be made without white sugar, so white sugar has become a more important thing in British people. But the weather in Britain is relatively cold, which is not conducive to the growth of sugarcane, and even the cultivation of apples is affected. Later, it was found that 15 ° – 20 ° was the most favorite and most suitable temperature for the growth of carrot, and he also liked the nourishment of Yangguan irradiation. So carrots can adapt to the British climate, and they can also be used as raw materials for making sweet taste in the UK. In this way, the government began to make every effort to promote carrots and hard enamel pins.

Come and customize the lovely carrot Enamel Pins

Today we introduce carrot hard enamel pins. It’s the saying that eating carrot is good for eyesight. It’s the slogan of promoting carrot in England at that time. In fact, eating carrots helps improve vision. It is only for those who suffer from vision loss due to vitamin A deficiency in the body, rather than for all people with poor vision. Come to customize the lovely carrot soft enamel pin. The carrot is rich in nutrition and bright red, which is a kind of vegetable the little white rabbit likes. This carrot enamel pins will make you more beautiful. Choose our hard enamel pin, it will bring you unexpected surprise. At the same time, you can also customize our factory, other styles of lapel pins, the price is very favorable. Our various hard enamel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order.