Custom fruit watermelon Lapel Pins

Custom fruit watermelon Lapel Pins

Bright watermelon lapel pins, red attractive. Watermelon is an annual vine with thick stems and branches and distinct edges. The tendrils are thick, pubescent, with thick petioles and densely pilose; the leaves are papery, triangular ovate in outline, white green, with short hard hairs on both surfaces and heart-shaped at the base of the leaves. Monoecious. Both female and male flowers are solitary in leaf axils. Male flower pedicel 3-4cm long, densely yellow brown villous; calyx tube wide bell shaped; corolla light yellow; stamens nearly free, filament short, anther chamber folded. Female flowers: calyx and corolla are the same as male flowers; ovary ovate, stigma kidney shaped. The fruit is large, nearly spherical or oval, succulent, juicy, with smooth peel, various colors and patterns. The seeds are mostly oval, black and red, both sides are smooth, the base is blunt and round, and it’s cool and pleasant to wear watermelon lapel pins in summer.

Growth habit of watermelon

Watermelon likes warm and dry climate, not cold resistant, the most suitable temperature for growth and development is 24-30 degrees, the most suitable temperature for root growth and development is 30-32 degrees, and the lowest temperature for root hair is 14 degrees. Watermelon needs a large temperature difference between day and night during its growth and development. Watermelon is resistant to drought and humidity. When there are many rainy days, the humidity is too high and watermelon is susceptible to disease. Watermelon likes light and has a long growth period, so it needs a lot of nutrients. With the growth of watermelon plants, the amount of fertilizer needed increases gradually, and reaches the maximum value when the fruit grows vigorously. Watermelon has strong adaptability, and sandy soil with loose soil, deep soil layer and good drainage is the best. So the red watermelon lapel pins is very beautiful.

Modeling of watermelon Lapel Pins

Red watermelon lapel pins, juicy pulp, bite a watermelon, black watermelon seeds, will flash lovely light. The green watermelon skin is inlaid with water diamonds. Under the sunshine, the golden light is shining. It’s sweet and fragrant. It will be unforgettable for a long time. The delicate watermelon lapel pins is worn on your clothes. From a distance, it looks like a big and round red pearl, shining.

Come and customize the lovely watermelon Lapel Pins

Watermelon lapel pins is as beautiful as the red sunset sun. This watermelon lapel pin will make you more beautiful. Choosing us will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order. There is no minimum order.