Custom fruit and peach Lapel Pins

Custom fruit and peach Lapel Pins

Fruit is everyone’s favorite, so you will like peach lapel pins. Nectarine Tree is a small deciduous tree with a relatively open posture, mainly bearing medium and long fruit branches and multiple buds. Bark contains a kind of glue, called peach gum. Generally, the height of trees is 3-4m. The growth of young trees is vigorous, and the growth branch reaches more than 1 meter in one year. The buds are early maturing and the crown is formed quickly. The first results were early, the first results were 2-3 years after planting, 6-7 years after fruiting, and 15-20 years later, it began to senescence. The branches of peach trees are red on the sunny side, green on the shady side, smooth and hairless, with 1-3 clusters of terminal buds or inverted buds, long lanceolate or elliptic lanceolate leaves, serrated leaf margins, glandular dots on petioles, red pollen, hairy spherical outer covers of fruits, soft and juicy pulp, large core, deep and obvious grooves.

The growing environment of peach

Peach is a shallow root fruit tree, the main root groups are mostly distributed in 60 cm soil layer. Peach roots can grow all year round as long as the soil temperature, humidity, ventilation, nutrition and other conditions are suitable. There are two growth peaks in a year. Peach roots need more oxygen than other fruit trees. There is a noteworthy phenomenon, that is, in the process of old root death and decomposition, a substance called tonsil is produced, which can inhibit the growth of new roots. The mature peach is slightly spherical, with a layer of small fluff on its surface (which shows that the peach and the peach are of the same kind), white in the green and red in the white. A peach generally weighs 100g to 200g, and a large one weighs more than 300g. So we have a beautiful challenge lapel pins for you.

Nutrition of peaches

Nectarine has a high nutritional value: no matter flat peach or nectarine, its flesh is also sweet and juicy, rich in iron, which can increase the amount of hemoglobin in human body. It is said that the ancient people often eat peaches to “benefit color”, which may be the reason. Peach’s contribution, in addition to the peach meat can nourish blood beauty, the peach kernel also has the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving asthma and cough. Wearing our fruit and peach lapel pins will definitely make you happy.

How to get fruit and peach lapel pins?

Our company has prepared beautiful fruit and peach lapel pins for you. For your health, wear the peach lapel pins, which will bring you good luck. At the same time, we can also customize other lapel pins in our factory. The price is also very favorable. Our various lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to customize them.