Custom fresh lotus Lapel Pins

Custom fresh lotus Lapel Pins

Green leaves, coupled with budding very good, let this lotus lapel pins, more vivid and gorgeous. There are many kinds of lotus, including ornamental and edible. Lotus originated in the tropical and temperate regions of Asia, and has been cultivated in China as early as the Zhou Dynasty. Lotus is full of treasures. Lotus root and lotus seed can be eaten. Lotus seed, rhizome, nodus, lotus leaf, flower and embryo of seed can be used as medicine. The lotus’s character of producing sludge without dyeing has been praised by the world. “The lotus leaves in the sky are boundless, and the lotus flowers in the sun are different red”, which is the most beautiful true portrayal of the lotus. The noble character of lotus, which produces mud but does not dye, has always been one of the themes of poets, poets and painters.

Lotus lapel pins and the story of Buddhism

The hometown of lotus is in the tropical area of India, and Indians will also be good as their own national flower. And almost everyone has to have a nice lotus lapel pins. As India is the birthplace of Buddhism, lotus and Buddhism are inextricably linked in India. No matter how Buddha is painted or shaped, the Buddha seat must be the lotus seat. According to the introduction of the Buddhist scriptures, the main reason is that the Buddha’s Dharma is solemn and miraculous, while the lotus is soft and pure, big and fragrant, so there is the saying of lotus platform.

Beautiful shape of lotus Lapel Pins

The lotus leaf of lapel pins is green, beautiful, fragrant and refreshing. It has been loved and sought after by people since ancient times. The lotus pinned on people’s noble pursuit of being clean and self loving. Lotus is a holy and clean thing in Buddhism. It is the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty in people’s mind. The lotus lapel pin is full of water and dripping, as if it would fall down accidentally. Lotus fragrance, if any, if not, add gentle and moist breath to life. Messy and tender, like comfort, like whisper.

Where to buy fresh lotus Lapel Pins?

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