Custom fragrant mushroom soft Enamel Pins

Custom fragrant mushroom soft Enamel Pins

The fragrant mushroom soft enamel pins is exquisite in shape and bright in color. Mushroom is called Agaricus bisporus, also called white mushroom and Agaricus. It belongs to the order of Agaricus, the family of Agaricus and the genus of Agaricus. It is a kind of edible mushroom widely cultivated, with high yield and large consumption in the world. It is cultivated in many countries, among which China’s total output occupies the second place in the world. In recent years, with the rapid development of edible mushroom industry, the output of Agaricus bisporus is also increasing year by year, which has become the pillar industry of increasing farmers’ income in many areas. With the improvement of people’s living standard and the increasing annual consumption demand for mushrooms, the industrialized cultivation of Agaricus bisporus has begun to be realized.

Growth environment of mushroom in soft Enamel Pins

1. Nutrients. Mushroom is a kind of edible fungus planted indoors. It grows gradually from mycelium to fruiting body, and finally becomes edible fungus. Only in a suitable environment can it grow better and faster.

2. Temperature, the growth of mushroom is mainly divided into two stages: mycelial growth and fruiting body growth. In different growth stages, the temperature requirements of mushroom are also different.

3. The moisture content of the fruiting body of the mushroom is very high, about 90%. In the actual cultivation of the mushroom, the humidity of the culture material should be controlled between 55% and 60%.

4. The air and mushroom itself have a certain degree of air affinity. They need enough oxygen to maintain their growth. During the growth process, the mushroom will continuously absorb the oxygen in the culture material.

5. Light, mushroom do not need photosynthesis, in the actual cultivation do not need to receive light, even in the absolute dark environment, the fruiting body will still maintain the original growth and development state.

Therapeutic effect of mushroom

Mushrooms are rich in lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid for human body, which can increase weight, disease resistance, hemoglobin and intelligence. Mushroom also contains interferon inducer, which can induce the production of interferon, so it has a good effect on vesicular stomatitis virus, encephalitis virus and so on. Fresh mushroom extract tablet can be used to treat persistent or chronic hepatitis, so the liver patients should take mushroom. Mushrooms also have the function of lowering blood cholesterol. The prion lyase and calpain in mushrooms have the function of lowering blood pressure. Therefore, mushrooms are the most ideal health food for patients with hypertension and cardiovascular disease. You must like our mushroom soft enamel pins.

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