Custom food cake hard enamel pins

Custom food cake hard enamel pins

There is a kind of delicious is irresistible, that is, cake, there is a fashion that can not be replaced, that is, cake enamel pins. Cake, generally speaking, is a Western-style dessert. Cake is an old Western-style pastry. It is usually made in an oven. The main ingredients of cake are eggs, sugar and wheat flour. Milk, fruit juice, milk powder, powder, salad oil, water, shortening, baking powder as auxiliary materials. A sponge like snack is made by mixing, preparing and baking. Cake is a kind of pasta, usually sweet. The typical cake is made by baking. The main ingredients of the cake include flour and sweeteners, usually sucrose, adhesives, and egg. Vegetarians can use gluten and starch instead of butter. Butter is usually butter or artificial butter. Low fat cake will be replaced with concentrated juice. Liquid can be used with milk, water or fruit juice. Flavor and starter can improve the taste.

The origin of delicious cake

The first cakes were made of several simple materials. These cakes are symbols of ancient religious myths and miraculous superstitions. The early economic and trade routes led to the import of exotic spices from the Far East to the north. Nuts, dew, citrus fruits, dates and figs were imported from the Middle East, while sugarcane was imported from the eastern and southern countries. In the dark ages of Europe, these rare raw materials are only available to monks and nobles, and their pastry creations are honey gingerbread, flat biscuit and other things. Slowly, with the frequent trade, western countries’ eating habits have changed completely. Soldiers and Arab businessmen returning home from the Crusades spread the use of spices and recipes in the Middle East. In several major commercial towns in Central Europe, the bakers guild has also been organized. Everyone is elegant, has high technology, and has their own cake enamel pins. By the end of the middle ages, spices had been widely used by rich people from all over Europe, which enhanced the imaginative baking technology of pastry.

The origin of various patterns of hard enamel pins for cakes

1. Birthday cake. Medieval Europeans believed that birthday was the most vulnerable day for the soul to be invaded by demons, so on the birthday, relatives and friends would gather around to give blessings and send cakes to bring good luck and drive out demons. At first, only the king is entitled to have. You can buy a beautiful cake on your birthday and enjoy the blessings from everyone.

2. Full moon cake

When the baby in the family is full moon, it can’t help praying for ancestor worship and shaving. Adults always hope that the baby will grow up quickly. On the day of the full moon, grandma and grandpa are going to send a lot of full moon cakes to the baby, hoping that the grandson (daughter) can win the first prize and be full for life.

3. Wedding cake

Wedding cake, it is said, first appeared in ancient Rome. The word cake comes from English. Its original meaning is flat and round bread. It also means “happy and happy”.

4. Black Forest Cake

It’s said that in ancient times, when cherries in the black forest area were in good harvest, in addition to the surplus cherry sauce, the farmers would also be very generous to put cherries in the interlayer of the cake or decorate them carefully.

5. Brownie

Chocolate brownies, also known as brownies, walnut brownies or Boston brownies. It’s a kind of small cut cake with rich layers. It’s baked with a lot of dark chocolate. It’s named for its rich coffee color.

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