Custom flower fairy horseshoe lotus soft Enamel Pins

Custom flower fairy horseshoe lotus soft Enamel Pins

Fraternity, holiness and piety are the most beautiful wishes for the design of horseshoe lotus soft enamel pins. Horseshoe lotus is named for its flower shape like horseshoe. The flower shape is very special and gives people a pure and elegant feeling. In western countries, Calla is often used as the bridal bouquet at weddings. The color of Calla is rich, and the common ones are white, red, yellow, pink, purple, etc. White Calla, elegant and beautiful, represents the love of loyalty and solidarity. Zantedeschia, is a monocotyledonous plant class, Araceae, Zantedeschia perennial robust herbs. Having tubers and easily tillering to form clumps. Leaves basal, sheathed at lower part; leaves thick, green, heart-shaped arrow or arrow shaped, apex acute, acuminate or caudate pointed, base heart-shaped or halberd shaped. Purity, elegance and nobility are the highest evaluation of women.

Growth habit of Calla

This species is not only afraid of cold, but also of heat and high temperature. In the high temperature season, the aboveground part withers, the underground part of rhizome enters into dormancy, and the Calla mostly hibernates in the low temperature period in winter. If the temperature is suitable, the Calla may bloom annually, but the bulbs planted after dormancy bloom luxuriantly. The stem of Zantedeschia is relatively thick and strong, and the flower material can be fixed by traditional flower cuttings. At the same time, four calla lilies can be juxtaposed, and two thorns can be pierced on the stem with lead wire, which can be connected into a beautiful arc surface and become the focus of the works. This not only adds new ideas to the traditional composition, but also expands the cross-sectional area of the stem of Calla lilies, making it more stable to be fixed on Jianshan mountain, avoiding the internal part of the pedicel due to the heavy head and light feet when the flower diameter of a single calla lilies is too long Loose but not fixed, prone to lodging. Our design of horseshoe lotus soft enamel pins is elegant and straight, the flower bud is white, just like horseshoe, and the leaves are green.

The main medicinal value of Calla

Horseshoe lotus is poisonous. It contains a large number of calcium oxalate crystals and alkaloids. If eaten by mistake, it will cause coma and other toxic symptoms. Its toxicity is tuber, spathe and fleshy ear, and inflorescence is toxic. Chewing a small tuber can cause swelling and pain in the tongue and throat. Fresh Calla tuber can be used to treat scald. Do not take it internally. Eating a little by mistake will cause vomiting, but it can be fed to wild boar after cooking. The boiled leaves can cure slight headache, but the medicine must be used under the guidance of the doctor. The ornamental value of Calla Lily is also very high. Calla lily is tall and elegant. Its flower bud is white, just like a horseshoe. Its leaves are green and decorated with white spots. The horseshoe lotus of qingtun is a symbol of simplicity, purity and simplicity. The international flower market has become one of the important cut flowers. Calla is often used to make bouquets, flower baskets and calla soft enamel pins with excellent decorative effect. Horseshoe lotus is planted in gardens, especially beside pools or heaps of rocks. It is very beautiful when blooming.

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