Custom fish eating cat soft Enamel Pins

Custom fish eating cat soft Enamel Pins

In everyone’s impression, cats eat fish just like they eat mice. Look how beautiful our fish eating cat soft enamel pins is. But it’s not that every kind of fish cats eat is good for their health. Correct eating method and scientific and nutritious eating method can ensure the health of cats. First of all, the classification of fish. We usually divide fish into freshwater fish and sea fish. Fresh water fish are generally produced in natural fresh water and cultured artificially, while sea water fish are all from the sea, and the two types of fish have their own characteristics and different nutrients. Usually, we call on cats to eat freshwater fish. It’s easier for cats to eat fish than meat. There are many barbs on the cat’s tongue. These barbs can help the cat separate the fish from the fish bones. Just lick it a few times, and the fish will go directly to the cat’s mouth.

Why cats like fish

We often say that cats are very intelligent animals, no matter what they do, they will choose the most labor-saving way to achieve their ultimate goal. Cats are carnivorous animals, they need to supplement a lot of protein, and high protein fish meat can meet the needs of cats. Compared with other meat, fish can also make cats feel fuller, because fish is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can make cats full without eating too much food, which is very important for cats living in the natural environment. Fish bone soft enamel pins is the best explanation.


A cat with a keen sense of smell

In the concept of cats, the fishy food is fresh, and the fishy smell of fish also satisfies the smell of cats. So, the idea that cats are born to love fish is wrong. And fish can’t meet the nutritional needs of adult cats. As we all know, the fat content of fish is low, and the main nutritional needs and energy sources of adult cats come from fat. If only fish is the main food of cats, it will also cause malnutrition of cats. In addition, there are two kinds of fish: fresh water fish and sea water fish. However, there are many spines in the fish, which do great harm to cats. First of all, the sea water fish contains a lot of magnesium salt, which can form stones in the cat’s urethra, causing the cat’s urinary tract disease or even kidney disease; Secondly, there are a lot of thiamine enzymes in sea water fish, which can decompose the thiamine in food and body. If the cat takes sea water fish as the main food for a long time, it can cause vitamin B deficiency, cervical pain, neck unable to lift and other symptoms. Give the cat a fishbone soft enamel pins. The cat likes it very much.


Where to buy cat fish soft Enamel Pins

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