Custom fine starfish soft Enamel Pins

Custom fine starfish soft Enamel Pins

The exquisite soft enamel pins of starfish, with novel style, is a kind of new soft enamel pins of starfish style clothing that we bring to you according to the shape of starfish, the marine animal. The visual effect is very good. Starfish is the most representative of echinoderms in structural physiology. The body is flat, mostly five radiative symmetry, and the boundary between the body disc and wrist is not obvious. In life, the mouth is facing down and the back is facing up. On the ventral side of the wrist, there is a step belt groove, and the tube foot extends out of the groove. The bone plate of the endoskeleton is connected with connective tissue, flexible and flexible. There are spines and fork spines on the body surface, which are protuberances of bones. The prominent membranous vesicles between the bone plates are covered with epithelia and lined with coelomic epithelium. The inner cavity is connected to the secondary coelom, which is called the skin gill. It has the function of breathing and diffusing the metabolites to the outside. The water system is developed. In ontogeny, the meristematic and brachycarpal larvae.

Morphological characteristics of lovely starfish

Starfish, sea cucumber and sea urchin belong to echinoderm. They usually have five wrists, but they also have four or six. They are flat and mostly star shaped. The whole body is composed of many calcareous bone plates combined by connective tissue, with prominent spines, tumors or warts on the surface. Some have as many as 50 wrists, and there are four rows of dense tube feet under these wrists. It can not only catch the prey, but also let itself climb the rocks. The big starfish has thousands of tube feet. The mouth of starfish is in the middle of the lower side of its body, which can directly contact with the surface of the object that starfish has climbed over. The body sizes of starfish vary from 2.5cm to 90cm, and the body colors vary from almost every one. The most common colors are orange, red, purple, yellow and cyan. There are many colors of starfish soft enamel pins that we make, you can choose at will.

How starfish see their prey

Starfish have many tiny crystals on their prickly skin, and each crystal can play the role of the eye to obtain the information around. Scientists have dissected starfish and found that every tiny crystal on the spines of starfish is a perfect lens. It is known that its size is far smaller than that of human beings. It is made by using existing high technology. Numerous lenses in the echinoderm of starfish have the property of focusing. These lenses enable starfish to observe information from all directions at the same time and master the surrounding conditions in time. Before that, scientists thought that the sea star’s echinoderm was highly sensitive. It could decide what kind of hidden precautions to take by changing the intensity of the light around the body. In addition, it could also confuse “prey” by changing its color. Scientists say the unusual visual system in starfish is the first to be discovered. Scientists predict that imitating this kind of microlens will make a breakthrough in optical technology and printing technology. Is the little starfish soft Enamel Pins attracting you.

Where are you going to buy starfish soft Enamel Pins

Ocean is certainly your favorite place, but there are many things can be solved by other methods. If you like sea star, come to our company to buy customized soft enamel pins. Our customized soft enamel pins are made of bluecopper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, soft PVC products, etc. The technological process includes: soft enamel pin, hard enamel pin, non coloring, photolithography and offset printing, etc. This beautiful starfish soft enamel pins will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, you can also customize our factory, other soft enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. All kinds of soft enamel pins of our company are sold well to other countries, so there is no minimum order. It can also be wholesale and retail.