Custom ferocious wolf dog head metal enamel pins

Custom ferocious wolf dog head metal enamel pins

Wolfhound is the most loyal and intelligent friend in the army. You will like the hard enamel pins of wolfhound. The first dogs were domesticated by wolves. As early as in the era of hunting, people domesticated dogs to be their assistant in hunting. Wolfhound is a kind of dog. Wolfhound is not the result of crossbreeding between wild wolf and domestic dog, which is different from mixed wolf. The wolf dog is like a wolf. It is fierce and has a keen sense of smell. Raise more to help watch, hunt or herd. It is named for its appearance like a wolf. It is mainly divided into German shepherd, wolf green, Soviet Red, Kunming dog, horse dog, black wolf dog, black bear dog, Laizhou red dog, Siberian Husky, czechoslovak wolf dog, Alaskan sled dog and other breeds. There are many kinds. The ears of every wolf dog are erect.

Morphological characteristics of wolfhound

Big and powerful. The eyes are like torches, the shape is like wolves, the ears are vertical and the tail is vertical. The hair is soft or hard, the back hair is bright, the limbs are strong and strong. Because wolfhounds include a wide range of hair colors. Most of them are yellow and black, but there are also some single colors, such as black wolfhound is pure black. The behavior criterion of dogs to strangers is to judge the strength of their opponents according to the height of their vision. When a stranger approaches, the pressure from above will make him uneasy. If he adopts a low posture, he will accept you. If it is lower than the height of its eyes, it will make it more secure. The dog’s weakness is on the right. It will act to protect the right. When it is chased, it will let its right side lean against the wall and face the left side to the enemy. This habit is a natural instinct of dogs. The relationship between wolf dog and human is the most sincere, and it’s a forever friend. Therefore, the dog and wolf hard enamel pins are indispensable.

Ferocious looking wolf dog hard enamel pins

These fierce dog hard enamel pins are so lifelike after being skillfully processed by the designer. There are also certain rules in dog society. They will never attack the opponents who fall down and show their belly. When a dog lies on its stomach, it means that it is very reassured or trusted, so that people can see or touch it. Dogs like people more than their peers, not only because people can take care of them and feed them. The main reason is that dogs and human companions have established feelings. Wolfhounds have a strong sense of protection for their owners.

Let’s customize the dog’s hard enamel pins

If you are a dog lover, how can you lose the faithful dog hard enamel pins? Come to customize the dog hard enamel pins. The existence and evolution of the dog are inextricably linked with the development of human civilization. For it, people not only praise it with fine hard enamel pins art works, but also regard it as the most faithful patron saint. You can also customize our factory, other hard enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order.