Custom feather shape hard enamel pins

Custom feather shape hard enamel pins

Beautiful feathers are the most conspicuous coat of every bird. If you also have a beautiful moving feather hard enamel pins, you must be very happy. Feathers are the unique skin derivatives of birds, some primitive animals dinosaurs also have, feathers almost cover the whole body of birds. There is a gap in the middle of the feather to reduce the quality of the feather. It is light, tough, elastic and warm. The feather processed and selected is clean and glossy, with high economic value. Birds’ feathers are light and wear-resistant, and they are bad conductors of heat. Flying feathers and tail feathers are of great significance to flying. Birds often bathe their feathers, shake off the dust between them, comb them with their mouths, peck at the grease secreted by the fat glands of their tails, which can be used to smear feathers all over.

Four kinds of feathers

1. Normal feather, distributed on the body surface, wing and tail, including the outer covering, large-scale pinna and the growing flying feather and tail feather in the wing and tail. The number of feathers and tail feathers is constant. The shaft end of the feather is pinnate root, which is deeply embedded in the skin.

2. Down feather, densely growing under the normal feather, the feather branches grow into filaments and grow on the top of the feather root. The small branches of feather are short, and the top is clustered with filiform feather branches. There is no hook on the feather twigs without feather fiber branches or fine hooks, which can not be connected into a feather piece, so the feather branches are fluffy and fluffy.

3. Semifluffy, a feather between fluffy and normal. It has the structure of normal feather but lacks small hook and flange, so it is fluffy like fluffy feather. It is generally distributed under the normal feather.

4. The feather, also known as “hairiness”, is scattered between the normal feather and the down feather. It only has a long and thin feather trunk, which is hairy. There are a few feather branches and feather twigs on the top. The basic function of hairiness is touch. The axis of feather is long and thin, mixed in the plumage and plumage.

Birds’ feathers are very important, just like our feathers’ hard enamel pins, which is an indispensable part of clothing.

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