Custom fat pig soft Enamel Pins

Custom fat pig soft Enamel Pins

I have a cute fat pig soft Enamel Lapel Pins, fashionable and lovely, elegant and delicate. Bring you a different feeling of comfort. Pig is a kind of vertebrate, mammal, livestock and ancient omnivorous mammal, mainly divided into domestic pig and wild pig. At present, people think that pig is the abbreviation of pig family. According to the different breeds, the body features of pigs are different. The main body features are big ears, long head, short limbs, straight nose, fat body and narrow back. The hair is thick and hard, and the fur color is usually white, pink, black, brown and decor. Domestic pig is a subspecies of wild boar after being domesticated by human. Its tusk is shorter than that of wild boar. It is one of the livestock domesticated by human beings. Generally speaking, domestic pig refers to the type of pig that human beings raise for more food.

The origin of ancient pigs

Modern domestic pigs have experienced two independent domestications, both about 9000 years ago, one in Anatolia and the other in the Mekong River Basin. They were introduced to Europe about 7500 years ago. The results of mitochondrial DNA analysis showed that European pigs came from Near East pigs. Through further analysis, scientists found that the mitochondrial DNA haplotypes of local pigs were replaced by the European haplotypes 2500 years ago, which showed that pig grazing had great mobility, covering Europe and Anatolia, which was consistent with archaeological and historical evidence; and until the industrial revolution of the 19th century, Grazing management and artificial selection are limited. Have lovely fat pig soft enamel pins, is a kind of lucky representative.

Pig is a social animal

The group behavior of pigs refers to all kinds of interaction between individuals in a pig group. Pairing is an outstanding communication activity. Pig groups show more physical contact and auditory information transmission. In the case of no pigsty, pigs can live in their own fixed place, showing the habit of settlement and roaming. Pigs are gregarious, but also have the competitive habit of bullying small, strong bullying weak and bullying. The larger the pig population, the more obvious the phenomenon. A stable pig group is formed into a hierarchical community structure according to the principle of advantage sequence. Individuals are familiar with each other and get along well with each other. When the group is regrouped, the stable community structure changes, and fierce fights break out until a new community structure is formed. The herd has a distinct grade, which will form shortly after birth. There are fat pig soft enamel pins, which will bring you happiness.

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