Custom fashion Marilyn Monroe soft Enamel Pins

Custom fashion Marilyn Monroe soft Enamel Pins

A generation of star Marilyn Monroe, accompanied by our growth, Marilyn Monroe soft enamel pins, is a classic legend. Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926-august 5, 1962), born in Los Angeles, California, is an American actress, model and producer. In 1948, he starred in his first film, Skoda, Ho! Scuda, hi! ” In 1950, he starred in the drama cometary beauty. In 1952, he starred in the love song and dance film “gentlemen love beautiful people”. November 5, 1953, starring in the love comedy “willing to marry a son-in-law” released. On September 1, 1954, he began to shoot the romantic comedy “the itch of seven years” and won the 9th British Academy of film and Television Arts Film Award for Best Foreign Actress [1]. On March 3, 1956, the leading romantic comedy “bus stop” started shooting, with which it was nominated as the best actress of the 14th Golden Globe of American film and television film – musical comedy.

Marilyn Monroe’s acting experience

In 1948, Marilyn Monroe was in the romantic comedy “scuda, Ho! Scuda, hi! 》She plays a girl who drives the church, but only one line. Then she plays a girl in a rowing boat, but most of the scenes are deleted, leaving only one long shot. On May 27, 1949, photographer Tom Kelly took several nude photos for Monroe to publish the monthly calendar of Miss golden dream. The photos on the calendar were not written with names, and Monroe got $50 for this. On August 15, the musical comedy tickets to Tomahawk started shooting. In October, she took part in the crime film “the night is still”, and Marilyn Monroe was soft Enamel pin is worth your collection.

Character evaluation of soft Enamel Pins

Marilyn Monroe, a familiar name, Marilyn Monroe soft enamel pins, a familiar image. With her signature smile and seductive body language, she created one sexy image after another. Her moving performance style and the fall of the golden age make her a permanent sex symbol and representative figure of pop culture in the hearts of fans. Many people have grown up with many or few of her photos, and they have a deep memory: the black-and-white photo of her wearing a white skirt on the New York Street, her skirt blown open by the underground heat; the photo with her eyes slightly closed and lips slightly cocked in front of the camera; the photo with her beautiful legs exposed on the sofa. These photos are no longer photos, but a kind of special emotional communication, a kind of pure sexy freeze frame.

How to get Marilyn Monroe soft enamel pins?

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