Custom fashion hairdresser’s scissors style hard enamel pins

Custom fashion hairdresser’s scissors style hard enamel pins

Generally, scissors are double-edged tools for cutting cloth, paper, steel plate, rope, round steel, etc., sheet or linear objects. The two edges are staggered and can be opened and closed. But a haircut is a pair of scissors specially used to cut human hair. In China, due to the development of textile industry, there is a distinction between scissors and scissors. If the scissors are like knives, they are called scissors. Their shape is like an iron column folded in half. The cutting edge is the opposite knife. Needlework is commonly used in textile industry. Today, influenced by foreign culture, they are called U-shaped scissors. The elder of blade seedling is a pair of scissors, which is used for cutting and weaving cloth. Today, some places call nail clippers scissors because they are like scissors. Design knife case scissors to be sealed with knife case to avoid injury when not in use. Hairdresser’s scissors are now special and very sharp. The hard enamel pins of hairdresser’s scissors is just a kind of decoration.

The origin of barber’s scissors

According to archaeological records, the ancient Egyptians had begun to use bronze casting scissors as early as the fifteenth Century B.C. There are scissors and some medical tools on the walls of the temple of konghonpo. Therefore, scholars generally believe that the Egyptians took the lead in adopting the surgical technique. Some scholars think that U-shaped scissors appeared in Europe in the 5th century B.C., but these scissors are not the cross type used today. Now, the archeologist Flinders Petrie thinks that they appeared in the 1st century A.D. In the 5th century A.D., Estelle, Spain, once described that tailors and barbers used this kind of scissors as the main tool before they had later barber scissors and hard enamel pins of scissors style.

Various uses of modern scissors

Although the scissors are not amazing in appearance, they are widely used. Hairdressers and hospitals. When tools such as knives and shovels can’t make up the force, scissors can easily solve the problem. Scissors have become an indispensable tool in people’s daily life. Tailors cut cloth and thread, village women cut paper and metal skin, herdsmen cut wool, gardeners cut branches, coppersmiths cut scissors, etc. there are also scissors in medical surgical instruments. It is used to cut off pterygium, blood tendon, skin, membrane, etc. it is mostly made of steel. Modern scissors have greatly improved with ancient ones in shape, material, technology, quality, variety and function. So now the scissors style hard enamel pins has become a fashionable decoration.

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