Custom fashion gold and silver bird Lapel Pins

Custom fashion gold and silver bird Lapel Pins

This is a high-quality gold and silver bird lapel pins, fashionable and atmospheric. Elegant and delicate. Bring you different feelings. Bird is a kind of egg vertebrate covered with feathers on its body surface. The main characteristics of bird are as follows: the body is streamlined or spindle shaped or shuttle shaped, most of which fly and live. The body surface is covered with feathers. Generally, the forelimbs become wings. Some kinds of wings degenerate. The chest muscles are developed. The rectum is short and the food intake is large and the digestion is fast. That is to say, the digestive system is developed, which is conducive to weight loss and flight. The heart has two atria and two ventricles, and the number of heart beats is fast. Body temperature is constant. In addition to the lungs, the respiratory organs also have multiple air bags to assist breathing, so that no matter when birds inhale or exhale, all oxygen passes through the lungs, that is, double breathing.

The origin of birds

There were dinosaurs on the earth very early. Dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds. When some scholars studied vertebrate fossils, they found that one of the fossils identified as pterosaurs had feathers, and then found another archaeopteryx fossil. This kind of accidental discovery made scholars connect the relationship between birds and dinosaurs. From 1986 to 2013, the theory of the origin of dinosaurs continued to prevail, which was supported by more and more fossil evidences. The hairy dinosaurs, such as the sinosaurus, are the first dinosaur fossils with real bifurcated feathers. The discovery of the fossil has caused a great sensation in the international paleontology circle, and is considered to be the most important and latest evidence of the theory that birds originated from dinosaurs. So the fashionable gold and silver bird lapel pins is a mysterious and ancient symbol.

Bird’s contribution to mankind

The contribution of birds to mankind is well known. Birds also have a special function, which is that they inspire human wisdom, provide the principle and blueprint for human to explore the ideal technical devices or vehicles. It can be said that birds are human teachers in terms of structure, function and communication. Scientists often need to consult birds on many modern scientific and technological issues.Birds can fly freely in the sky. What a great attraction and inspiration to human beings! More than 400 years ago, Italian Leonardo da Vinci designed a flapping plane based on his observation and research of birds, trying to use the movement of his pedals to flapping his flight. Later, after many scientists’ experiments, people found out the mechanism of bird fixed wing gliding, realized that the wing must be as thick as the wing’s leading edge and thin as its trailing edge, so as to form a curved surface to produce lift force. In addition, industry provided light metal materials and high-power engines. Finally, in 1903, the aircraft was invented, realizing the dream that human beings wanted to fly to the sky for thousands of years. Beautiful urethra wings can be seen from the fashionable gold and silver bird lapel pins.

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