Custom fashion exquisite moon soft Enamel Pins

Custom fashion exquisite moon soft Enamel Pins

Wear a new and unique moon soft enamel pins, not only beautiful shape, but also can show your beauty. The moon is a very bright planet. On the first day of each lunar month, when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, the moon faces the earth with the dark side and rises and sets with the sun. The moon, the name of a celestial body, is known as the moon by the naked eye. In ancient times, it was also called Taiyin, xuantu, Chanjuan and yupan. It is the satellite of the earth and the fifth largest satellite in the solar system. The diameter of the moon is about one quarter of the earth’s, and its mass is about one eighty-one of the Earth’s. The moon is the only satellite on the earth. Its surface is covered with craters formed by the impact of small bodies. The average distance between the moon and the earth is about 384400 kilometers, about 30 times the diameter of the earth.

The discovery of the moon

On May 16, 2019, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the research team led by Li Chunlai, a researcher of the observatory, used the chang’e-4 exploration data to prove that there are deep materials in the Antarctic Aitken basin on the back of the moon, which are mainly olivine and low calcium pyroxene. Nature, an international academic journal, published the discovery online. So our moon soft enamel pin is a very beautiful and exquisite shape. Therefore, such astronomical phenomena provide our designers with good imagination and design this lunar soft enamel pins.

Introduction and modeling of moon soft Enamel Pins

There are a large number of impact craters on the front of the moon, which are ejected by dark volcanoes and filled with basalt lava flow, forming a vast plain called “moon sea”. In fact, there is not a drop of water in the “moon sea”. There are bright, ancient anorthosite highlands and striking impact craters around and between the moon sea. It is the brightest object in the sky except the sun. Although it appears very bright white, its surface is actually dark, and its reflectivity is only slightly higher than the old asphalt. Because the moon is very conspicuous in the sky, coupled with the regular changes of the moon phase, it has had a significant impact on human culture since ancient times, such as myths and legends, religious beliefs, philosophy, calendar compilation, literature and art, customs and traditions. So. Moon soft enamel pins is a kind of clothing accessories that people like.

Come and buy the unique moon soft Enamel Pins

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