Custom fashion 3D hard enamel pins

Custom fashion 3D hard enamel pins

Each solid hard enamel pins is a classic production. Hard enamel pins is a kind of decorative pins. It is very fashionable to use a hook to fasten the decoration on clothes. Generally, it is made of metal, many of which are three-dimensional. There are also relief and hard enamel pins. The pins is inlaid with jewels, enamel, etc. It can be used for pure decoration, or it has the function of fixing clothes, such as Cape, scarf, etc. It’s a very nice ornament to wear on the chest or collar.

Wearing method of 3D pins

If you start wearing it, try a tie bar. Choose the classic style of hard enamel pins, safe appearance, easy to wear. The tie bar has a decorative needle, a thin needle, and a knob that slides up and down and protects the needle. This is the most common hard Enamel Lapel Pins, wear this style, can ensure that your shape will not be out of date. If you need to move frequently, use a pins in the shape of a screw and nut. If you want to play lawn games at weddings, or you need to walk around frequently, you can choose screw nut style pins. These pins are fixed with flat head screws and are the strongest of all styles. Show your lively side with a butterfly clasp pins. If you want to wear a unique pins, you can choose butterfly clasp pins. These pins have sharp needles at one end and cup-shaped openings at the other to hold them. These pins are usually very small and fit best with school badges, flags or other special shapes.

There are two types of hard enamel pins: male and female

1. Wearing method of men’s hard enamel pins

Men always wear in a strict way: when wearing leading clothes, they should be worn on the left side by a hard enamel pins; when wearing non leading clothes, they should be worn on the right side; when the hair style is on the left side, they should be worn on the right side, otherwise they should be worn on the left side; moreover, the upper and lower positions of the hard enamel pins should be in the first and second parallel positions between buttons.

2. Wearing method of women’s hard enamel pins

Women can create their own way of wearing as they wish. The most traditional way is to button the hard enamel pins on the lapel of the coat. Flower soft enamel pins can be worn anywhere, in the pocket of coat, it will be refreshing. Of course, when wearing formal clothes, you can choose a larger lapel pins. The material is also better, and the color should be pure. When wearing a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear soft enamel pins with novel and unique styles and small and exquisite designs.

Where can I make a hard Enamel Lapel Pins?

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