Custom exquisite spacecraft Enamel Pins

Customized exquisite spacecraft Enamel Pins

Space is a field that human beings are constantly exploring. Spacecraft enamel pin is a kind of enamel pins that everyone likes very much. Spaceship is a kind of spacecraft that transports astronauts and cargo to space and returns safely. Spacecraft can be divided into two types: disposable and reusable. Launch the spacecraft into the orbit of the earth satellite, and then re-enter the atmosphere. In addition to the basic system equipment of general man-made satellites, there are life support system, re-entry system for re-entry to the earth, recovery landing system, etc.

The first spaceship in the world

With the first manned spaceship in the world, then there was the spaceship enamel pins that we made. The eastern 1 spacecraft of the former Soviet Union was launched on April 12, 1961. It consists of two cabins, on which is the sealed manned cabin, also known as the astronaut cockpit. This is a sphere with a diameter of 2.3 meters. The cabin is equipped with a life support system that can guarantee the life of astronauts, including water and gas supply, attitude control system that can control the attitude of the spacecraft, beacon system that can measure the flight orbit of the spacecraft, parachute recovery system for landing and ejection seat system for emergency rescue. The other is the equipment cabin, which is 3.1 meters long and 2.58 meters in diameter. There are braking rocket system, battery, gas cylinder, nozzle and other systems to supply electric energy in the equipment cabin, which can make the manned cabin leave the flight track and return to the ground. The total mass of dongfang-1 spacecraft is about 4700 kg. It and the launch vehicle are both one-off and can only perform one mission.

Types of spacecraft

We have developed three kinds of spaceships, namely, single cabin, double cabin and three cabin. Among them, the single cabin is the simplest, only the cockpit of astronauts. Glen, the first American astronaut, wore the spacecraft enamel pins and took the single cabin “Mercury” spacecraft to the sky. The double cabin spacecraft is composed of the cockpit and the service cabin which provides power, power, oxygen and water. It improves the working and living environment of astronauts, and the first male and female astronauts in the world The former Soviet “Oriental” spacecraft, the world’s first astronauts, the former Soviet “ascent” spacecraft, and the United States “Gemini” spacecraft all belong to the double cabin type. It has opened the curtain of manned space flight and played an indelible role in the history of manned space flight.

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