Custom exciting racing hard enamel pins

Custom exciting racing hard enamel pins

Racing is a exciting and wonderful sport. When racers wear racing hard enamel pins and appear on the racing track, they are greeted by the cheers and shouts of the audience. Motorsport motorsport can be divided into two categories, field racing and non field racing. Its origin has a history of more than 100 years. The first race was on the roads between cities. Later, many drivers lost their lives because of the great danger in the road race, so the professional race track came into being. The first race was held in Paris on April 20, 1887. Formula racing, it’s a kind of car racing. The racing car must be manufactured in accordance with the procedures specified in the technical rules for vehicles formulated and issued by the International Automobile Federation, including body structure, length and width, minimum weight, engine working volume, number of cylinders, fuel tank capacity, electronic equipment, distance and size of tires, etc.

Classification of motor sport

There are two major categories of motor racing, including field racing and non field racing.

1. Field racing, as the name implies, refers to racing in the specified closed field. It can also be divided into drift race, formula race, car race, sports car race, GT endurance race, short track rally race, field cross-country race, linear race, etc.

2. Non field racing. Basically, the competition field is not closed, mainly including rally, cross-country race, mountaineering race, beach race, mud race, etc.

3. Formula one, formula three, GP2, f3000, Indy, formula U.S. champion, Ford, kangbas and kart are included in the formula. Formula racing cars at all levels have different manufacturing procedures, and drivers must have the logo of hard enamel pins before they can participate in formula racing.

Model requirements of each racing car

Every F1 car is a masterpiece of the world famous automobile manufacturers. A car like this is worth more than $7 million, or even as much as a small plane. F1 auto competition is not only the competition of drivers’ courage, driving technology and wisdom, but also the competition of science and technology among major auto companies. Ford Motor Company likens automobile competition to “high tech Olympic Games”. The new racing car launched in the automobile competition, from design to manufacture, embodies the efforts of many developers, and represents the latest level of high technology of a company or even a country. The automobile competition is also a contest of the quality of scientific and technological talents in various countries. It is reported that more than 2000 professionals in Germany are directly engaged in the design, manufacturing and research of racing cars, and about 10000 in the United States, while Japan has the largest number, estimated to be nearly 20000. All the drivers in the F1 competition are the world’s elite after thousands of choices. They are all the people who have won the hard enamel pins award. Before entering the F1 competition, every driver must go through multiple levels of selection, and must be experienced in all kinds of competitions, integrating racing technology, talent and fighting spirit.

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