Custom enamel pins for dream spaceship

Custom enamel pins for dream spaceship

Dream spaceship soft enamel pins, each one is like exquisite jewelry, mysterious and beautiful, because they have a unique appearance, and the attraction of modern science. This kind of soft enamel pins is not only suitable for companies, organizations, clubs and other scenes, but also an important clothing jewelry to attract customers’ attention and improve their image. A spaceship is a kind of spacecraft that transports astronauts or goods to space and returns safely. Spacecraft can be divided into two types: disposable and reusable. A launch vehicle is used to send the spacecraft into orbit of a earth satellite and then into the atmosphere. In addition to the basic system equipment of general man-made satellites, there are life support system, re-entry system for re-entry to the earth, recovery landing system, etc.

The origin of spaceship

The world’s first manned spacecraft, the former Soviet “Oriental” 1 spacecraft, was launched on April 12, 1961. It consists of two cabins, on which is the sealed manned cabin, also known as the astronaut cockpit. This is a sphere with a diameter of 2.3 meters. The cabin is equipped with a life support system that can guarantee the life of astronauts, including water and gas supply, attitude control system that can control the attitude of the spacecraft, beacon system that can measure the flight orbit of the spacecraft, parachute recovery system for landing and ejection seat system for emergency rescue [2]. The other is the equipment cabin, which is 3.1 meters long and 2.58 meters in diameter. There are braking rocket system, battery, gas cylinder, nozzle and other systems to supply electric energy in the equipment cabin, which can make the manned cabin leave the flight track and return to the ground. The total mass of dongfang-1 spacecraft is about 4700 kg. It and the launch vehicle are both one-off and can only perform one mission. Spacecraft soft enamel pins is the representative of scientific progress.

Classification and function of spacecraft

Nowadays, human beings have successively developed three types of spaceships, namely, single cabin, double cabin and three cabin. These types are included in our spacecraft’s soft enamel pins. The single cabin type is the simplest in the spaceship, only the astronaut’s cabin. Glen, the first American astronaut, was on board the single cabin “Mercury” spaceship. The double cabin spaceship is composed of the cabin and the service cabin which provides power, power, oxygen and water. It improves the working and living environment of the astronauts. The first former Soviet “Oriental” spaceship for men and women in the world flew The ship, the world’s first astronaut to leave the capsule, is the former Soviet “ascending” spacecraft and the United States “Gemini” spacecraft, all of which belong to the double cabin type; the most complex one is the three cabin type spacecraft, which is based on the double cabin type spacecraft or an additional orbital module for landing on or leaving the moon surface, the former Soviet Union / Russian alliance series and the United States “Apollo” flight The ship is a typical three compartment type. These spacecrafts are the pioneers of manned spacecrafts. They have opened the curtain of manned spaceflight and played an indelible role in the history of manned spaceflight!

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