Custom Enamel Lapel Badges In Russian

Russian Lapel Badges

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What is the hot sell Russian lapel pin badges?

Soviet Labor Red Flag Award Pin Badge

Custom Enamel Lapel Badges In RussianThe Soviet award are as follows:

Most of these are with transparent hard enamel colors. We can copy them to be exactly the same with the old badges.

The award badges of Andre Pervez (1698) – the highest reward of the Empire;

The first and two Ekaterina award pins (1714);

The award pins of Alexander Nevski (1725);

The Anna award pins (1735), divided into three grades from 1797, was divided into grade four from 1815.

The one or two, three or four George award pins (1769), from 1807 to set up this medal of the military medal, the object for the war brave soldiers to win the sergeant. From 1856, the medal was divided into four levels: the one or two level was gold cross, and the three or four was silver cross. In 1903, it was renamed the George cross;

The one or two and three or four Vladimir award pins (1782);

White hawk badges (1831);

The one or two and three or four levels of steinis (1831) – in 1839, were divided into three levels;

The John Jerusalem badges(1798), also known as the Malta badge;

The Olga badge of level one or two and three (1913).

What Soviet military badge pins for collectors?

Custom Enamel Lapel Badges In RussianBrowse through following the vast collection of Soviet, Russian, and Ukrainian pins for authentic collectibles. Whether you’re looking to add to your military collection, you’re interested in Russian history, looking for an addition to a costume, or just want to spice up an outfit, you’re sure to find something unique here.

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