Custom doctor hat hard enamel pins

Custom doctor hat hard enamel pins

Most of the knowledgeable people who have made achievements in scientific research are doctoral students, with their transcripts in hand. The hard enamel pins of the doctor’s cap on the chest, with that air, is a very desirable thing. The doctor’s cap is a square “Oxford hat”, which can be worn by people with various degrees. The beautiful tassel hangs on the left side of the hat. The color of the tassel indicates the Department to which the degree is awarded. The doctor’s cap, originally meant to be a mortar board, is called because the doctor’s cap is like a board used by a mason to hold mortar. A doctor’s hat is a person with a degree who has the right to wear it. The hat is square in shape. The flat board is placed on a brimless hat with a spike in the middle. The shape of the original school hat originated from the symbol of master’s degree. There are several different shapes, some are round, some are square, some have a cluster of ornaments in the middle of the hat. Today’s tassels are developed on this basis, only more refined.

The evolution of doctor hat

Some historians believe that the doctorate hat evolved from the quadrangle hat, a kind of hat used to be worn by Roman Catholic priests, students and professors. And the quadrangle hat may be evolved from the leather hat worn by ordinary people. As early as 1311, it was worn by the church at the begamo religious conference, and has been popular among priests since then. By the 15th century, the doctor’s cap and the hard enamel pins of the doctor’s cap had become part of many local standard degree clothes, and the early caps would have exquisite embroidery and ornaments. In the early days of some universities, only those who got master’s degree and bachelor’s degree could wear black robes and headscarves, which has become a popular dress in today’s universities, not only in the ceremony of graduation ceremony, but also in other major celebrations.

Pattern of hard enamel pins for doctor’s cap

Oxford University first adopted flat and low square hats, while the folk suggested that school hats should be made into the shape of a Book of scholars, so as to better express its academic meaning and more bookish. In the United States, Harvard University took the lead in wearing the school dress, and then universities used it one after another, but the style is different from the dress still in use in Europe, and different schools also have different styles. In 1895, representatives of all schools held a meeting, and then established a unified pattern of hard enamel pins for doctor’s cap. In 1903, a unified standard system for University dress in the United States came into being. Later, it was revised twice in 1936 and 1960. As a result, today’s University dress specifications are the same, only slightly different in some details such as color. At the beginning, the headscarf is the best embodiment of the degree level. Its size and shape vary with the degree. The higher the degree, the larger the size and the more exquisite the workmanship. The outer layer of the headscarf matches the black material of the robe, and the part of the lining folded and turned out is represented by Purdue University, namely gold and black. The color of the velvet welt indicates the subject category.

How to get the hard enamel pins of doctor’s cap

As long as you study conscientiously, work hard in science, and do everything conscientiously, not afraid of hardship, in fact, it is easy to get a doctor’s cap. You can also come to our company to customize all kinds of hard enamel pins for doctor hats. These delicate hard enamel pins for doctor hats are very beautiful, and will also have unexpected learning gains. You can also customize our factory’s other hard enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various hard enamel pins, because there is no minimum order, are sold to schools in other countries, very popular with students and teachers.