Custom Disney Mickey Mouse soft Enamel Pins

Custom Disney Mickey Mouse soft Enamel Pins

I believe that everyone may have been to Disneyland, wearing Mickey Mouse soft enamel pins, there is endless joy. Mickey Mouse, the representative image of Disney, is a small mouse with a big round head, big round ears, pear shaped body and soft like rubber hose, no obvious joints, and free stretching like limbs without bones. His easygoing, optimistic, active and imaginative character is popular with audiences all over the world. He’s always whistling, humming, bouncing, full of energy. Although he is an adult character, he retains the curiosity, happiness and a little naughty of children. He is not always very polite or polite. Occasionally he is playful, a little lazy, impatient, impulsive and impatient. He has a hot temper, even some arrogant and sometimes hurtful words, but later he regrets and tries his best to make up for it. He has a strong sense of justice and is good at fighting against injustice. He often falls into trouble because of this. However, he can always get rid of trouble and solve problems successfully with wisdom.

Mystery of Mickey Mouse’s life experience

Mickey Mouse has been born for eighty-nine years. Because of its long history, there are different opinions about his life experience. Many people think Mickey Mouse is made by Disney, but that’s not the case. Most of the information that people can see now shows that Mickey’s creator has at least two people: Walt Disney and his partner, Wupei EVOX. Mickey’s predecessor is the animation image created by Walt Disney and Wupei EVOX in 1927. It’s auspicious rabbit Oswald. After the copyright of Oswald was stolen by universal pictures, Wupei designed Mickey on the basis of Oswald. This is recorded in more detail in Disney Art: from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom. Mickey also has a best partner, Minnie. They were born at the same time and have always been lovers. He also has two iron brothers, Donald and goofy. They often appear together, which is called “iron triangle”. Although failure is more than success when working together, and there is little friction among the three, it does not affect their friendship at all. He also has a loyal rhubarb dog named Pluto. They are his best friends. They all have their own soft enamel pins as the representatives of the characters.

Legendary Mickey story

Epic Mickey, a Wii game jointly produced by Disney Interactive Studio and relay point studio, was released in 2010. Mickey and his brother Oswald soft enamel pins first appeared together in the game. In the game, Oswald and other forgotten cartoon images live together in a dark world called wasteland. Mickey accidentally arrives at the studio of the magician yen Sid through a mirror. Like in the Fantasia in 1940, he breaks into trouble again and creates a ghost with ink stains. He wants to save the situation, but as last time, it gets worse and worse. Before the magician came back, he left the mess and fled back to his own world. But the ghost of ink eventually invaded Disney’s world. Mickey was involved in the wasteland world, where he met Oswald, who was dissatisfied with being forgotten, envied him, and even wanted to take out his heart to escape from the wasteland world. Mickey needs a magician’s brush to deal with ghosts, win Oswald’s trust, and save himself and Oswald’s world.

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