Custom delicious bread soft Enamel Pins

Custom delicious bread soft Enamel Pins

Love delicious, love bread, bread soft enamel pins makes your appetite increase. Bread is a kind of food which is made of rye, wheat and other food crops as the basic raw materials. It is first ground into flour, then added with water, salt, yeast, etc. and made into dough blank, and then heated in the way of baking, baking, steaming, frying, etc. Usually, when we talk about bread, most of us think of European and American bread or Japanese style sandwiched bread, sweet bread, etc. In fact, there are many special kinds of bread in the world. In addition to rye flour and wheat flour, buckwheat flour, brown rice flour and corn flour are widely used in the world to make bread. Some bread is fermented by yeast and becomes more fluffy and soft during baking; many bread, on the contrary, do not need to be fermented. Although they are made from different materials and techniques, they are all called bread. Bread in China is mostly a kind of food made from grains, usually wheat flour and heated. The baked food is made of wheat flour as the main raw material, yeast, egg, oil, sugar, salt and other auxiliary materials, which are mixed with water to form dough, and processed through the process of segmentation, forming, awakening, baking, cooling and so on.

The story origin of bread

It is said that around 2600 BC, there was an Egyptian slave who used water and flour to make bread for his master. One night, before the bread was baked, he fell asleep and the stove was out. At night, the dough began to ferment and expand. By the time the slave woke up, the dough was twice as big as last night. He quickly shoved the pancakes back into the stove, so that no one would know that he had fallen asleep before he finished his work. The cake is baked. It’s loose and soft. It may be the flour, water or sweetener in the dough, or honey exposed to wild yeast or bacteria in the air. After a period of warmth, yeast grows and spreads throughout the dough. This is the story of “Egyptian slaves fell asleep and invented bread”. Later, he made a bread soft enamel pins for the slave to give him as a reward.

Classification of bread varieties

1. White bread: the flour for making white bread is ground from the core of wheat grains. Because the flour is white, the bread is also white.

2. Brown bread: in addition to the core part of wheat grains, the flour for making this kind of bread also includes endosperm and 10% bran.

3. Whole wheat bread: the flour used to make this bread includes all parts of wheat grains, so this bread is also called whole grain bread, and its color is darker than the brown bread mentioned above. The main eating area is North America.

4. Rye bread: the flour comes from rye and contains high cellulose. The color of bread is darker than that of whole wheat bread. The main eating areas and countries are: Northern Europe, Germany, Russia, the Baltic coast, Finland.

5. Sourdough bread: bread with saturated fatty acid or high carbohydrate content.

6. We can make soft enamel pins for bread of various colors and flavors.

Come and customize the delicious bread soft Enamel Pins.

Today, we introduce the soft enamel pins for delicious bread. Although people all over the world generally eat bread, from the perspective of historical development process and eating habits, the countries that take bread as the main source of daily carbohydrate food are still concentrated in Europe, North America, South America, Australia, the Middle East and some countries in Asia and Africa that once experienced European colonialism. The important nutrients of bread are vitamins and minerals. Its content is different in all parts of wheat. The protein content of wheat endosperm is the lowest, but the closer it is to wheat skin, the higher the protein content, so the proportion of protein in high gluten flour is higher. So come to order delicious bread soft enamel pins, good quality and low price. Our various bread soft enamel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order.