Custom cuttlefish hard enamel pins

Custom cuttlefish hard enamel pins

This is a three-dimensional cuttlefish hard enamel pins. Wearing a cute no hard enamel pin on a stiff suit will improve your temperament even more. Cuttlefish, also called squid, is a kind of mollusk, which belongs to the order of squid, Cephalopoda. Squid will take “ink-jet” as a way to escape and wait for the opportunity to leave when encountering a strong enemy, so it has the name of cuttlefish. There are pigment sacs in its skin, which will change color and size with the change of mood. Squid can jump out of the sea and fly in the air. As squid and octopus are marine mollusks, none of them belong to fish. The modern squid appeared 21 million years ago in the Miocene, and its ancestor was archery. Characterized by a thick calcareous inner shell, cuttlefish bone, cuttlefish bone or cuttlebone can be used as medicine.

The physiological structure of squid

The body wall of squid is composed of upper skin, muscle and so on, with endoskeleton. The epithelium is a monolayer with many pigment cells under it. The pigment cells are flat, the cell membrane is elastic, and there are radial muscle fibers around them. Because of the contraction of muscle fiber, the pigment cells expand to star shape, the muscle fiber relaxes, and the pigment cells return to their original state, which can change the color of the skin. There is a kind of iridescent cell under the epithelium to make the body surface shiny. The internal skeleton of squid consists of inner shell and cartilage. The inner shell is located in the shell capsule under the skin on the back of the body, which is very developed, with a long oval front end and a sharp protuberance at the end. The shell is calcareous, the dorsal side is hard, the ventral side is loose, and there are many gaps. The inner shell can not only increase the strength of the body, but also reduce the proportion of the body, which is conducive to swimming and balance. Cartilage is well developed, and its structure is similar to that of vertebrates, except that cells have long branches. Squid hard enamel pins is the most lovely marine mollusk.

Appearance characteristics of squid

Squid body flat soft, very suitable for living in the sea. Squid usually do wave like slow motion, but in case of danger, it will leave the strong enemy behind at the speed of 15 meters per second. Some squid move at a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour. It not only runs away fast, but also catches food faster. Squid is an expert in color changing in water. It gathers millions of red, yellow, blue, black and other pigment cells in its body. It can react in a second or two to adjust the size of the pigment capsule in the body to change its color, so as to adapt to the environment and avoid enemies. There is a black ink bag in the squid’s body, which is thick with black ink. When encountering the enemy, it will spray out quickly, dye the surrounding sea water black, and cover its own escape. You will like the exquisite workmanship of our cuttlefish enamel pins.

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