Custom cute hedgehog soft Enamel Pins

Custom cute hedgehog soft Enamel Pins

There is a beautiful, lovely hedgehog soft enamel pins on the chest, which is very popular with girls. There is a kind of pride, a kind of confidence, which will make your life colorful. Hedgehog is a general term for a class of hedgehog mammals belonging to the subfamily hedgehog, which has 5 genera in total. Hedgehog is the most common species, widely distributed in Europe, northern Asia, and also widely distributed in the north of China and the Yangtze River Basin. The most common hedgehog in China is Heilongjiang hedgehog. Hedgehogs are also known as “stealing melons and badgers” in southern Jiangsu. They are short in body, sharp in claws, small in eyes and short in hair. They have short and dense thorns all over their bodies. Hedgehogs are active at night. They eat 200 grams of insects in one night, curl their bodies into balls when encountering enemies, keep their thorns out and protect themselves. When they are born, they are soft and blind.

Shape characteristics of hedgehog soft Enamel Pins

Hedgehog is a cute little animal, its body length is no more than 25 cm. It is a small mammal, and its adult weight can reach 2.5 kg. The back and sides of the body are covered with ratchets, and the head, tail and abdomen are covered with hairs; the mouth is pointed and long, the ears are small, the limbs are short, and the tail is short; the front and rear feet are all 5-toed, with plantar rows, and a few kinds of front feet are 4-toed; when curled up, the head and four feet are not visible. There are 36-44 teeth with sharp tips. Therefore, hedgehog soft enamel pins is a kind of clothing ornament loved by everyone.

Life habit of Hedgehog

Hedgehogs on soft enamel pins are heterotherm animals, because they can’t regulate their body temperature stably and keep them at the same level, so hedgehogs hibernate in winter. Hedgehogs have thorns all over their bodies except for their stomachs. When they are in danger, they will roll into a ball with thorns. Their shape and docile character are very lovely. Some of them are only slightly larger than their palms, so they are kept as pets in Australia. Hedgehog has a very long nose, its sense of touch and smell is very developed. Its favorite food is ants and termites. When it smells the food in the ground, it will dig out the hole with its claws, and then stick its long and sticky tongue into the hole for a turn to get a rich meal.

Make a cute hedgehog soft enamel pins for your lover

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