Custom cute elephant hard enamel pins

Custom cute elephant hard enamel pins

This is a very heavy elephant. It’s smart and cute. Wearing elephant hard enamel pins is the choice of wise people. Elephants are mammals. According to historical records, elephants have long been friends of human beings and can help them. Elephants are very smart, they can open up fields and bury their dead companions in the dead leaves. Elephants have a long life span, generally around 70 years old. They are sexually mature between 10 and 15 years old and have a pregnancy of up to 22 months. Elephants are widely distributed. About 40 million years ago, except for Oceania and Antarctica, all continents had their footprints. However, there are mainly two kinds of elephants: Asian elephant and African elephant. Asian elephants live mainly in tropical forests, jungles or grasslands. Gregarious, led by a female elephant, with no fixed habitat, daily sex. African elephants are distributed in eastern, central, western, southwest and southeast Africa, starting from the Sudan grassland in the north, reaching the hinterland of South Africa in the south, from the coast of East Africa in the East, reaching the equatorial area of West Africa in the west, mainly inhabiting in the savanna and savanna areas.

Distribution of elephants

Elephants are widely distributed in the tropics and subtropics of sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the southern border of China, mainly in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. There are also small wild populations in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China. African elephants and African forest elephants are widely distributed throughout sub Saharan Africa, and they like to live in groups. In the history, Asian elephants were widely distributed in South Asia and Southeast Asia to the south of the Yangtze River in China. Now, the distribution scope has been narrowed, and they are mainly produced in India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries. There are also small wild populations in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China. African elephants are widely distributed throughout sub Saharan Africa, and the subspecies of North Africa were all extinct in the early 19th century. Elephants live in many kinds of forests, grasslands and river valleys. Protecting elephants has become an important issue in the world. Everyone who cares for elephants will have hard enamel pins, which is a kind of pride.

The living habits of smart elephants

The elephant is a social animal, with the family as the unit and the female as the leader. The daily activity time, action route, foraging place, habitat, etc. are all under the command of the female elephant. Adult males only take the responsibility of protecting family safety. Sometimes several herds gather to form a large group of hundreds of elephants. Elephants can communicate with infrasound waves that humans can’t hear. Without interference, they can generally travel 11 kilometers. If the medium caused by air flow is uneven, it can only travel 4 kilometers. If communication is needed in this case, the elephants will stamp their feet together and produce a strong “roar” sound. This method can travel as far as 32 kilometers. How can elephants in the distance hear that? Can’t you put your ears on the ground? In fact, the elephant uses bones to conduct. When the sound waves are transmitted, the sound waves will travel through the bones along the soles of the feet to the inner ear. Zoologists who study elephants have many hard enamel pins. They all love elephants.

How to get the elephant enamel pins?

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