Custom cute chicken shaped soft Enamel Pins

Custom cute chicken shaped soft Enamel Pins

We have all kinds of cute chicken shaped soft enamel pins. Every animal has its lovely side. Chicken is a kind of poultry. Domestic chicken comes from wild chicken. Its domestication history is at least 4000 years, but it was not until around 1800 that chicken and eggs became mass-produced commodities. There are Turkey, black chicken, pheasant and so on. Chicken has many medicinal values. In Chinese traditional culture, both the dragon and the Phoenix are deified animals, while the chicken is a kind of spiritual bird with extraordinary life experience. The image of the Phoenix comes from the chicken.

History of poultry and chickens

China is the first country in the world to train and raise chickens, with a history of at least 4000 years. In many provinces, there are more than 4000 years ago, ancient chicken bone or soft enamel pins of chicken. Domestic chicken is domesticated by pheasants. There are many good breeds, of which Jiujin yellow and Langshan Chicken are very famous. Nine Jin yellow, the individual is very large, the meat taste is delicious, so it is welcomed by the people of the world and plays a great role in the improvement of the world’s domestic chicken varieties. It was first introduced into Britain in 1843 and imported into the United States in 1847. American Rockies were made in 1865 by crossing Chinese nine Jin yellow and black and white spotted American chickens. In the Sui Dynasty, Japan introduced Chinese chicken breeds. By the end of the shogunate period, nine Jin yellow chickens from Shanghai were introduced and cultivated into the famous Nagoya egg meat chicken. Langshan Chicken is mainly produced in Jiangsu Province. This kind of chicken has strong disease resistance and developed chest chicken. Imported to England in 1872, the famous British breed of oppington chicken is a hybrid of Langshan Chicken and local chicken. Later, it was imported into the United States and Germany.

Legend of chicken and sun

The image of the chicken has been deified. Although the chicken is not equal to the sun, it is the messenger or messenger of the sun. As a result, there are pottery chicken, chicken shaped pot and bronze “Golden Chicken”. Some of them may have been deified by themselves, and some of them were regarded as messengers or assistants of gods. The “gods” here are Sun God and fire god. The chicken, which is not the sacrificial object but the sacrificial object, has a higher status of course. It can be said that at this time, the chicken has stepped on the altar. For thousands of years, chickens have left many beautiful myths, legends, literary works, as well as many historical stories related to chickens, adding rich and colorful contents to Chinese traditional culture. In ancient social life, chicken is one of the symbols of reproductive worship. Our chicken star soft enamel pins is also adored by everyone.

Where to buy chicken shaped soft enamel pins?

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