Custom cute cherry Lapel Pins

Custom cute cherry Lapel Pins

Lovely cherry lapel pins, attractive red. Cherry is a general designation of plum plants, including cherry subgenus, sour cherry subgenus, laurocarpus subgenus, etc. Trees, 2-6 meters high, bark gray white. Branchlets grayish brown, twigs green, glabrous or sparsely pilose. Winter buds ovate, glabrous. The fruit can be eaten as a fruit, with bright color, crystal clear and beautiful appearance, red as agate, yellow as clotted fat, rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other elements. Cherries are mainly distributed in the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe and other places in the world.

The edible value of cherry

Cherry performance: sweet taste, slightly acidic temperature. It can protect the spleen and stomach, nourish the liver and kidney. Cherry ingredients: sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, carotene, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients. Usage of cherry: it can be used for weak spleen and stomach, less diarrhea, Yin injury of spleen and stomach, dry mouth and tongue, deficiency of liver and kidney, weakness of waist and knees, weakness of limbs, or spermatorrhea, blood deficiency, dizziness and palpitation, unsightly complexion, freckles and other stubborn spots. So when you put on our cherry lapel pins, it will be very good for your health.

The shape of cherry Lapel Pins

Two red cherries with lapel pins, two green leaves, hung with two red cherries, one by one bulging, round, shining in the sun, a sweet, sour, with a fragrance taste, will be unforgettable for a long time. Delicate cherry lapel pins are worn on your clothes. From a distance, they look like big and round red pearls, shining.

Come and customize the lovely cherry Lapel Pins

Cherry lapel pins is round and beautiful like the eyes of a white rabbit. This cherry lapel pins will make you more beautiful. Choosing us will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order.