Custom crystal diamond hard enamel pins

Custom crystal diamond hard enamel pins

Do you like crystal diamonds? Crystal is a rare mineral, gem, quartz crystal. The main chemical component is silica. Our crystal diamond hard enamel pins are full of different enamel flash colors.¬†Diamond comes from the Greek adamas, which means hard and untrainable. Diamond is known as the “king of gems”. It is recognized as the most precious gemstone in the world and one of the most popular gemstones. Diamond is a kind of natural white crystal with cubic structure, which is composed of carbon element and formed under the condition of high pressure and high temperature in the deep part of the earth. Diamond has religious worship and fear, but also as a symbol of courage, power, status and dignity. Now it has become a popular gem that all the people can have and wear. Diamond culture has a long history, and some people regard it as a symbol of love and loyalty.

Chemical composition of crystal diamond

The chemical composition of diamond is carbon, which is the only one composed of single element in gemstone, belonging to equiaxed crystal system. It often contains 0.05% – 0.2% impurity elements, the most important of which are n and B. their existence is related to the type and properties of diamonds. Its crystal morphology is mostly octahedron, rhombus dodecahedron, tetrahedron and their aggregation. The pure diamond is colorless and transparent, and presents different colors due to the mixing of trace elements. Strong diamond luster. The refractive index is 2.417, and the dispersion is medium, which is 0.044. Homogeneous body. The thermal conductivity is 0.35 Ka / cm / S / d. The most sensitive reaction was measured by thermal conductivity instrument. The hardness is 10, which is the hardest mineral known at present. The absolute hardness is 1000 times that of quartz and 150 times that of corundum. If you are afraid of being hit hard, you will cleave and break along with it. A group of cleavage is complete. Density 3.52g/cm3. Diamonds are luminous. After sunlight, they can give off light blue phosphorescence at night. X-ray irradiation gives off sky blue fluorescence.

The meaning of different color crystal diamond hard enamel pins

1. White Crystal Enamel Pins: the most representative and functional gem with the function of storing memory and helping concentration. It’s a synthesis of all the energy. Most crystal clusters themselves are endless. They can purify the negative energy around them, commonly known as “vibration gas”, and eliminate electric radiation.

2. Lemon hard enamel pins: it is the birthstone of November. It’s mainly about money. It often brings unexpected wealth. For impulsive personality, this gem can calm the mood and eliminate fatigue.

3. Amethyst hard enamel pins: contact with Amethyst can increase spirituality and wisdom. Placing Amethyst clusters can be fun and unpopular. The ancients believed that it can avoid evil, protect the body, bring happiness and longevity, detoxify and avoid injury, like a talisman. Tell me what color of crystal flash Enamel Pin do you want? We will design crystal needle for you free. There are no minimum restrictions on all password orders.

Come to customize crystal diamond hard enamel pins

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