custom cows lapel pins

Cows Lapel Pins

How on earth should we design and produce lapel pin for dairy cows? It is worth thinking about.

To design lapel pins for dairy cows, we need to understand the information about Rido and cows.

Dairy cows depend on sufficient land resources.

We need land to build cowshed, but also a lot of land to absorb excrement.

But our country is a country with less land and more people. Not only can we use less plough per capita.

And the degree of intensification is low, and the cost of land circulation is high.

So design a good cowshed to make your cows look more comfortable inside your cow pin.

Feed factor in cow pins.

Because of the scarcity of our land and the low degree of intensification,

This leads to the high cost of our own forage feed.

Although some of them can also provide high-quality and low-cost coarse fodder, it is of no help.

The high cost reality of forage feed can not be changed from the base.

Better sales of cow lapel pins

Better Finish Company make cow lapel pins no minimum order.

Milk powder or milk is open to dairy trade in Australia, New Zealand and other countries.

Tariff preferences mean the tragedy of dairy farming.

Because our milk cost is land, cowshed, feed and manpower.

People’s milk cost is sunshine, rivers, grasslands, plus an old man, a dog, a motorcycle to coax cattle.

These can be added to your cow badge.

Or you can design a cow farming story to your cow enamel lapel pins.

Of course, it can also be put into your cow embroidery patches.