Custom conch and shell enamel pins

Custom conch and shell enamel pins

We all like the handicrafts made of conch and shell. So the hard enamel pins made of conch and shell is people’s favorite, because it can be worn on the body at any time. Conch belongs to gastropod of mollusc, Mollusca. There are more than 70000 kinds of shellfish in the world. The marine species can be called conch. The edge of conch shell is a little square, large and thick, with shell height of about 10 cm and spiral layer of grade 6. It is rich in protein, vitamins and essential amino acids and trace elements. It is a typical natural animal food with high protein, low fat and high calcium. Shells are mainly divided into five outlines, and the marine species can be called conch. In the early Ordovician, many new genera and species emerged, which were widely distributed in the deep coastal waters of Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania.

Appearance characteristics of conch

The edge outline of the hard enamel pins of conch shell is a little square. It is large and hard, with a shell height of about 10 cm. The mouth of the shell is apricot red and has pearl luster. Up to 18 cm, with an average size of 7 to 10 cm. The meat of conch can be white to yellow due to different varieties. Conch shell is large and thick, grayish yellow or brown, with rough surface. It has orderly and flat ribs and gullies. Its mouth is wide, and its inner surface is smooth and red or grayish yellow. It is mainly used for fishing and also as handicraft. Like other animals, mollusks such as conch have adapted to the ever-changing living environment. From the rocks washed by the sea day and night to the dark and muddy deep sea floor, all kinds of habitats have their own special mollusks. Tides have the same effect on the characteristics and distribution of mollusks growing on the sea, and on the geological surface they live on. However, the food provided by abundant sunshine is more important.

Population distribution of conch shells

Conch is mainly produced in the coastal shallow sea bottom, all over the world. Most of them are concentrated in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and other sea areas. Conch is widely distributed in the north, mostly at 34 n. To the north of the line, the 3-meter isobath is open to the sea, preferring to inhabit on the muddy and sandy sea floor with moderate hardness; the distribution range of red snails is narrow and shallow. Most of the hard muddy seafloor between the fishing line and the isobath of 4O m was towed. Spiral conch, precious conch is a kind of mollusk of shellfish. Before the Cretaceous, it appeared in the Early Cambrian, and there was a gastropod, including left-handed and right-handed spiral conch, especially the gastropod with a closed shell, which can be completely shrunk into it for protection. Snails and snails together form Gastropoda, most of which belong to the gastropods of molluscs, forming a small number of spiral snails. Our hard enamel pins is a screw.

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