Custom comedy clown hard enamel pins

Custom comedy clown hard enamel pins

There are too many tribulations in life, to make our life happy every day, so you must have a comedy clown hard enamel pins to accompany you. Clowns are one of the comedians. They are often seen in stage, circus, variety show, carnival, children’s show and birthday party. When they perform, they usually wear extra large shoes and strange clothes, and their faces are also painted, especially the nose. These strange and funny costumes bring laughter to the audience. Usually clowns entertain the audience with their own embarrassment. Clown has a derogatory meaning in many uses, with the meaning of funny and difficult to be elegant, not a friendly name. It also refers to the little people who are difficult to become a climate, or that a politician is a political clown, who likes to show off but lacks connotation and so on.

Clown category editor

1. The white face clown, a typical white face clown, has a white background, red or black eyes and nose, and other decorations are decorated with different colors. The size of the white face clown’s eyes and nose will be the same as that of ordinary people.

2. The colored clown, a typical fool, has red and white background color, and the shape of eyes and snouts is huge with wide white edges.

3. Beggar clown, this kind of clown, mainly started when the American coal train was eliminated and the train driver turned to be a clown. These clowns have beard, beard, freckles, vicissitudes of life, baldness, but they love to dress up. The most common role is to play a tramp or a jobless vagrant, wearing a clown’s hard enamel pins to provide joy to passers-by on the street.

Clowns are as popular as heroes

On May 25, 2019, a clown takes part in a street tour in Lima, Peru. Hundreds of clowns gathered in downtown Lima to celebrate the annual “Peru clown day” in memory of a clown performer named Tony perehill. In the 1970s and 1980s, he brought joy to the people in Lima’s slums, known as “the clown of the poor”. Like heroes, clowns are geniuses, as we can see from Sherlock Holmes’s opponents, Moriarty. Villains use their brilliant wisdom to play with most people on earth. At the same time, they frequently invent some Magic Clown hard enamel pins and machines that can surpass human technology for decades or even a century. Its working principle is inexplicable and complicated.

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