Custom colorful maple leaf soft Enamel Pins

Custom colorful maple leaf soft Enamel Pins

When autumn comes, wear a colorful, maple leaf soft enamel pins on your chest. The pins is unique. Maple leaf is the leaf of the plant maple. Generally, it is palmate pentalobed type, about 13cm long, slightly wider than the adult palm. The lobes have a few protruding teeth, the base is heart-shaped, the leaf surface is rough, the upper part is medium green to dark green, the lower part is hairy, and it turns yellow to orange or red in autumn. But a few areas are dark and dark green. The maple leaf has a strong ornamental value. There are four most famous scenic spots in China, and it is called China’s four major Maple resorts. They are Beijing Xiangshan, Suzhou Tianping mountain, Nanjing Qixia mountain and Hunan Changsha Yuelu Mountain.

The reason of maple leaf turning red

The degree of red maple leaf is related to time, drought, pollution, especially the lack of nitrogen. Maple Leaf reddening is actually the result of maple’s response to natural stress. The reddening reaction actually acts as a sunscreen. It means that the maple leaves stay on the tree longer, so that the tree can absorb more nutrients. It was found that the nutritional stress, especially the lack of nitrogen, made maple leaves red earlier and more transparent. Maple leaf, also called frost leaf, is the red maple leaf after frost. Maple leaves are tall, half open, densely branched and slightly obliquely growing. The leaves are oval, dark green, glossy, flat, slightly folded inside, flat at the edge, tapered at the tip, blunt and shallow at the teeth, thick and soft. Are these colorful maple leaf soft enamel pins particularly beautiful.

Recognition characteristics of maple

1. Maple is a tree or shrub with a height of 4-15m.

2. It belongs to alternate leaves, thin leathery or papery, narrow elliptic to obovate lanceolate, 5-11cm long, 1.5-4cm wide, tapering at the top, tapering at the base, sparsely serrated or nearly entire above the middle, glabrous.

3. The maple leaf raceme is axillary, sparsely terminal, bisexual, apetalous, green yellow, curled outward after opening; the nut is dark blue after ripening, elliptical and spherical.

4. Maple leaf soft enamel pins is everyone who loves life, the favorite jewelry.

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