Custom color stethoscope Lapel Pins

Custom color stethoscope Lapel Pins

Color stethoscope lapel pins, only in the hospital can see the stethoscope, through our clever design, we can make a beautiful color stethoscope lapel pins that can be worn on clothes. Stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic tool for women and children doctors both at home and abroad. It is the symbol of doctors. Modern medicine begins with the invention of stethoscope. A device used to listen, collect, and amplify the continuous sound from the heart, lungs, arteries, veins, and other internal organs to determine the heart. Since the stethoscope was used in clinic on March 8, 1817, it has been continuously improved in appearance and transmission mode. It is mainly composed of the chest part of the pickup part, the rubber tube of the conduction part and the ear part of the listening part.

Working principle of the magic stethoscope

In the conduction part of stethoscope, the sound transmission pipeline is also very important. The larger the inner diameter, the shorter the length and the thicker the wall of the tube, the better the effect of the stethoscope. The international standard length is 27 inches. The material of the modern stethoscope’s sound pipe is PVC, which has good sound effect and beautiful appearance, but it has poor tensile resistance, and it is easy to break after bending and stretching. Stethoscope should be hung flat on both sides of the neck after use, which is often seen in foreign countries. It is a standard way to wear high-quality stethoscope. Our stethoscope lapel pins is not only a decoration of clothes, but also a spirit of dog’s paw.

How to wear the lapel pins of stethoscope

The lapel pins of stethoscope are all worn on the collar of clothes. The design of the stethoscope at work is in accordance with the angle of the auditory canal, as well as the ergonomic ear canal and the ear sinus. It fits comfortably with the ear canal of the listener without fatigue or discomfort. Before putting on the ear canal, please pull out the ear canal of the stethoscope; the metal ear canal should incline forward, put the ear canal into your external ear canal, so that the ear sinus and your ear canal are closed tightly; each person’s ear canal size is different, you can choose the ear sinus of appropriate size. If the wearing method is correct, but the fit of the ear sinus and the ear canal is not good, and the auscultation effect is not good, please pull the ear canal out to adjust its elasticity. Improper wearing method will lead to poor auscultation effect when the auditory sinus is not closely connected with the auditory canal. For example, if the ear tube is worn reversely, it will be completely inaudible.

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