Custom coffee cat cup universe cup soft Enamel Pins

Custom coffee cat cup universe tea cup soft Enamel Pins

Coffee cup soft enamel pins is a kind of decoration for matching clothes. Coffee cup is made of anion powder, tourmaline, high quality clay and other basic materials. The high concentration of negative ions released from the high coffee cup can cause electrolysis on the water, and produce the negative hydrogen ions, which make the macromolecular groups in the water smaller and enhance the solubility and permeability of the water. Therefore, the drinking water in the coffee cup has a stronger dissolving ability to the beverage, and the beverage effect is better. Tea cup is a kind of utensil for holding tea water. The water comes from the teapot, pours into the teacup, then tastes the tea for the guest. There are two sizes of tea cups: small cup is mainly used for tea sipping, also known as tea tasting cup, which is used in combination with smell cup. Large cup can also be directly used as tea making and tea holding appliances, mainly used for the drinking of high-grade delicate famous tea. However, there are many kinds of soft enamel pins for tea cups. You can choose any kind of design.

Usage etiquette of coffee cup

Wearing a soft enamel pins and tasting coffee are not only the life of petty bourgeoisie, many people will choose to go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, or make coffee at home. Coffee is usually served in a pocket cup after a meal. This kind of cup has small ears and can’t be put through by fingers. When drinking coffee, you can use your right hand to hold the ear of the coffee cup, and your left hand to gently hold the coffee plate, and slowly move to your mouth to sip. It is not suitable to fully grasp the cup, swallow it with a big mouth, or bow down to the coffee cup. Don’t make a noise when drinking coffee. When adding coffee, do not lift the coffee cup from the coffee plate. The freshly brewed coffee is too hot. You can use the coffee spoon to gently stir in the cup to cool it, or wait for it to cool naturally before drinking. Trying to cool the coffee with your mouth is a very uncivilized action. The cups and saucers containing coffee are specially made, and the high-grade coffee sets will be matched. They should be placed on the front or right side of the drinker, and the cup ears should point to the right.

Maintenance and cleaning of coffee cup

For the cleaning of coffee cup, because the coffee cup with good quality has close surface, small pores and is not easy to adhere to coffee dirt, it can keep the cup clean as long as it is washed with water immediately after drinking coffee. The coffee cup that has been used for a long time, or fails to be rinsed immediately after use, makes the coffee dirt adhere to the surface of the cup, at this time, the cup can be immersed in lemon juice to remove the coffee dirt. If the coffee dirt can not be completely removed at this time, neutral dishwashing agent can be used, dip on the sponge, gently wipe and clean, and then rinse with water. In the process of coffee cup cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to use hard brush to wash, and also to avoid the use of strong acid and strong alkali detergent, so as to avoid the surface scratch damage of coffee cup. The soft enamel pins of coffee cup should also be frequently scrubbed and kept clean.

Would you like a soft enamel pins for a coffee cup?

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