Custom clown fish Nemo soft Enamel Pins

Custom clown fish Nemo soft Enamel Pins

We have prepared for you, clown fish Nemo soft enamel pins. Clownfish is a common name for the sea anemone subfamily of sparrow snapper family, because there are one or two white stripes on the face, which is like the clown in Peking Opera. It is a tropical saltwater fish. 28 species are known, one from Premnas and the rest from Amphiprion. Clownfish and anemone have an inseparable symbiotic relationship, so it is also called anemone. The clownfish black car is beautiful with bright colors. The largest body length of the clownfish is 11cm. The total number of dorsal spines is 10-12; the total number of dorsal soft strips is 4-16; the total number of buttock spines is 2; the total number of dorsal fin soft strips is 14-15; all juvenile fishes are black with scales concentrated in blue; white patches on forehead and upper side; all fins are black except transparent pectoral fins and the external part of soft dorsal fin strips. The geographic and behavioral color of adult fish is variable.

Distribution of NEMO clownfish

Clownfish are native to warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea. Although the distribution of most species has its limitations, some of them are very widespread. Clownfish live in shallow lagoons or reefs at the bottom of shallow seas. India Pacific, red sea, north to south of Japan, South to Australia, Sydney, etc. Clownfish are very domain oriented. Usually a pair of male and female fish will occupy a sea anemone to prevent other species from entering. If it is a large sea anemone, they will allow other young fish to join in. In such a large family, the strongest body is the female, she and her mate are dominated by the male, and the other members are the male and the juveniles without obvious characteristics. Our clownfish soft enamel pins is very bright, just for you.

Life habits of clownfish

Clownfish inhabit in shallow coastal areas, generally in the waters with a depth of 3-25m in the coral reef area. They usually live in strong current areas with a depth of about 15m. Each anemone is surrounded by a larger female fish, and a smaller functional male fish, functional male, which means that it only provides male function, but its gender is not a permanent male fish, because it can change its gender according to its needs, as well as several young fish with blocked growth. If the female is driven away or left by herself, the functional male will change into a female, and the largest young fish will assume the role of functional male, which starts again and again. Clownfish is a kind of hermaphroditic animal. She can change her gender by herself. In fact, it’s not only him. There are many such hermaphroditic animals in nature. However, they don’t change their gender as you think. After all, cell differentiation is irreversible, and there are certain restrictions for clownfish. They can only have males Sex becomes female, and for females, it cannot be changed. Now it’s interesting to know the clown fish Nemo soft enamel pins.

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