Custom camera soft Enamel Pins

Custom camera soft Enamel Pins

Beautiful camera soft enamel pins is a yearning for the past. Wearing the camera soft Enamel Pins every day will make you feel sunny. Camera is a device for recording life, so people leave all the good things in life in the camera. The camera is a kind of equipment which uses the optical imaging principle to form image and uses negative film to record image. It is an optical instrument for photography. In modern social life, there are many devices that can record images. They all have the characteristics of camera, such as medical imaging equipment, astronomical observation equipment, etc.


Working principle of camera lens

Camera lens is an optical system for imaging, which is composed of a series of optical lenses and lenses. Each lens has two characteristic data of focal length and relative aperture. The viewfinder is a device for selecting scenery and composition. The scenery seen through the viewfinder, any part that can fall in the frame of the picture, can be photographed on the film. The rangefinder can measure the distance of the scenery, which is usually Combined with the viewfinder, the ranging and lens focusing can be connected by the linkage mechanism, and the focusing can be completed at the same time of ranging. Optical perspective or single lens reflective viewfinder must be operated manually and judged by naked eyes. In addition, there are photoelectric ranging, sonar ranging, infrared ranging and other methods, which can not only avoid manual operation, but also avoid errors caused by visual judgment, so as to realize automatic ranging. So camera is very important to human beings. We made it into camera soft enamel pins to record our beauty.

Camera soft Enamel Pins message

Cameras are developing rapidly. Now there are digital cameras. But the history of cameras can be traced back to the 1940s and 1950s, when television appeared. With the promotion of TV, people need a kind of technology equipment that can record the TV programs that are being broadcast. In 1951, bin Crosby laboratory invented the video recorder, which can record the current pulse in the television broadcast to the tape. By 1956, the VCR began to be mass produced. At the same time, it was soon produced as an electronic imaging technology. Love life, love family, let camera soft Enamel Pins accompany us.

Make camera soft enamel pins for excellent you

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