Custom bug catcher frog soft Enamel Pins

Custom bug catcher frog soft Enamel Pins

This is a beautiful frog soft enamel pins, beautiful in shape, crystal clear and lovely. Frog is an amphibian of chordate, Amphibia, Anura and Ranidae. The adult has no tail, and its eggs are produced in water. It is fertilized in vitro, hatched into tadpoles, and breathed with gills. After variation, the adult mainly breathes with lungs and skin. There are teeth in the upper jaw, and generally there are vomer teeth. There was no interchondral cartilage between the two bone nodes at the end of the finger toe. The tympanic membrane is obviously hidden under the skin, and the skin is smooth or has wart granules. The tongue is generally long and oval, and the back end is mostly notched. The smallest frog is only 5cm, which is the length of a person’s thumb. The big one is 30cm, short and wide, and has strong hind legs. The pupils are transverse, the skin is smooth, the tip of the tongue is divided into two forks, the tongue follows the front of the mouth, and in the long back mouth, it can suddenly turn out to catch insects.

Morphological characteristics of the insect catcher frog

Frog body can be divided into three parts: head, trunk and limbs. Frogs have four toes on the front foot, five toes on the back foot, and web. On both sides of the frog’s head are two small bags with a slight bulge. That’s its eardrum. Frogs can hear through it. The frog’s back is green, smooth and soft, with patterns and white belly. Can make it hide in the grass, catch pests easier, can also protect themselves. Its skin also helps it breathe. Its air bag is only available to male frogs. Frogs prey with their tongues, which have mucus. The nerve cells of frog retina are divided into five categories, one is only responding to color, the other four are only responding to a certain feature of moving target, and can transmit the decomposed feature signal to the visual center of brain, which is the optic tectum. Frogs are omnivorous animals, of which plant-based food only accounts for about 7% of the recipe. Frog soft enamel pins is green and lovely, very beautiful.

Basic living habits of frogs

Frogs often live in rivers, ponds, rice fields and other places, mainly in the grass near the water, sometimes they can also lurk in the water. Most of them are active at night, mainly eating insects. They also eat some snails, snails, shrimps, small fish, etc. Most of the insects eaten are agricultural pests. It is estimated that a frog can catch 70 insects a day and kill 15000 pests a year. Therefore, frogs are good animals for agriculture, so we should advocate protection. At the end of autumn, when the weather becomes cold, frogs hibernate under water or in caves, and then return to the water for reproduction when the weather warms in the following spring. During the breeding period, many male frogs often gather in a common area and call loudly and continuously, which is called “frog quarrel pit”. In fact, this is a courtship behavior of male frogs. They call to attract the opposite sex and form a mate. After pairing, female frogs begin to ovulate in the water. Tadpoles must live in the water, swim with their tails, breathe with their gills, and eat plant food such as diatoms and green algae. People will place a frog soft enamel pins between fields, which can bring vitality to life.

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