Custom bright eyes soft Enamel Pins

Custom bright eyes soft Enamel Pins

The eye is a window of the soul, the structure of the eye is beautiful, and the soft enamel pins of the eye is even more beautiful. Eyes can convey rich emotions, which is the most important part of the figure painting. It’s an organ that can sense light. The simplest eye structure can detect the light and shade of the surrounding environment, and the more complex eye structure can provide vision. Compound eyes are usually found in arthropods, usually composed of many simple small eye surfaces, and produce an image. In many vertebrates and some mollusks, the eye projects light to the light sensitive retina for imaging, where light is received and converted into signals and transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. Usually, the eyes are spherical, filled with transparent gelatinous material, and have a focused lens. Usually there is an iris that controls the number of rays entering the eye.

Brief introduction of eye organ

The eyes are the visual organs of people and animals. It is composed of eyeball and its accessory organs. The main part is eyeball. The eye is the most important organ in the human senses. About 80% of the knowledge in the brain is obtained through the eyes. To read and read, to see pictures and paintings, to see people and to enjoy the beautiful scenery, we need to use our eyes. The eye can distinguish different colors and brightness of light, and turn these information into neural signals, which are transmitted to the brain. The human eye is the benchmark of the magnification of the telescope, that is to say, the magnification is 1, and the aperture is the size of the pupil of the human eye. It changes with the change of the light intensity, and generally fluctuates between 2 and 7 mm. Eyes are very important to everyone. Put on the soft enamel pins for eyes. Please take good care of your eyes.

Imaging principle of eyes

Let’s introduce the structure of the eye through the soft enamel pins of the eye. The eye can change the focal length of the lens to obtain the inverted and reduced real image by adjusting the curvature of the lens. The farthest point that the eye can see is called the adjusting distance point, and the farthest point that the eye can see is very far away; the closest point that the eye can see is called the adjusting distance point, and the distance between the two points is called the adjusting range. The close point of the normal eye is about 10 cm from the eye. The wall of eyeball is mainly divided into three layers: outer, middle and inner. The outer layer is composed of cornea and sclera, also known as fibrous layer. The first 1 / 6 is transparent cornea, and the other 5 / 6 is white sclera, commonly known as “eye white”. The outer layer of the eyeball maintains the shape of the eyeball and protects the tissues in the eye. Cornea is the most sentinel entrance to receive information. The cornea is a transparent part of the anterior part of the eyeball through which light can be transmitted into the eyeball as a transparent wafer. The cornea is slightly oval and slightly protrusive.

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